Thread: Cant log in?

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    Cant log in?

    I put in my email and password correctly but it just stays at the 'success' pop up for ages, any help?

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    Restart computer, router etc that is what I do.

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    Having this issue at the moment too, PC & router restart have not fixed it, also run the updater and fixer and both said nothing needed to be done. Im in the UK on BT Internet.

    Wierdly i can log in on my laptop but not my PC, think the patch might of done something it didnt like on my PC >-<
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    Chrome also int allowing me to log into some pages and open others and this log in issue with just the success screen is still persisting, any other help? it happened after downloading the new patch and i have tried turning my router off, restart etc and same with comp but to no success.

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