View Poll Results: What class(s) do you not have?

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  • Warrior

    79 24.31%
  • Paladin

    63 19.38%
  • Rogue

    101 31.08%
  • Druid

    68 20.92%
  • Death Knight

    84 25.85%
  • Monk

    154 47.38%
  • Warlock

    94 28.92%
  • Shaman

    73 22.46%
  • Mage

    74 22.77%
  • Hunter

    78 24.00%
  • Priest

    77 23.69%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Poll: What class do you not have?

    Like the title says, me personally a lock, looks too complicated.

    Edit*** Atleast the toon be like 70+ sound good?
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    The only char I don't even have is a warrior. The ones I don't have above level 70 are Hunter, Warlock, Monk, Warrior.

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    Never finished leveling:

    - Hunter
    - Rogue
    - Warlock

    Hate 'em all!

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    I'll just let you look at my signature, it's got all the info
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    90 Warlock, 90 Shaman, 96+ Mage, 90 Death Knight, 86 Warrior, 90 Hunter, 85 Rogue, 80 Paladin, 76 Priest, 70 Druid, 26 Monk

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    Shaman I no longer have. Nothing about the class appeals to me on any level. Enhancement was about as fun as it got for me but even then it lacked the intensity of warrior, DK and now monk dps

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    Oh, above 70? The only ones I have there are a shaman, pally, dk, and hunter. Druid is, for whatever reason, the only class I've never tried.
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    Priest...just can't get past the 20s. Too boring.

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    Never could get a hunter or lock into the double digits without being bored to tears.

    Paladin is cause I'm old school horde and hommie don't play that (class).

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    I have everything above 80.

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    I only have a rogue, druid and priest. I've tried the rest and could never get into them - basically I hate classes that can't stealth, and the priest was my first toon and just sticks around.

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    Druid is the only class I don't have, I had one mid 70s but I got so bored of it I deleted it for a Monk, who is now sitting at level 34. Everything else is 83+.

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    Such a shame that warlock remains so widely unloved. It's such a fun class, especially with the Mists revamp the class has 3 totally distinct playstyles/flavours. People really should give warlocks a try, especially if they haven't tried them in a while. Warlocks are fun I promise! (if your idea of fun is to melt faces, (ab)use Demons and set fire to everything, including yourself)

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    I don't have a Warrior, Paladin or a Monk, there's a pattern here somewhere.. :P

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    I only have one character at max level right now. I don't particularly like casters, hunters, or druids.

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    Lock, Rogue, Shaman, Monk. Played a lock and shaman quite a bit when 70 was max but not really since wotlk.

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    The only classes that i dont have above level 70 are rogue and warlock. I have never been a huge fan of dps:ing, i like to tank mostly and sometimes heal. The only reason i have a hunter at 85 is because it was my first character ever, and mage at 80 because it was my ressurected character on my other account.

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    I have 1 of each class, Priest, DK and Shaman at 90, all other classes 85 except monk at 70.

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    Warrior - Plan on & would like to level one again.

    I don't always hunt things, But when I do, It's because their things & I'm a Bear.

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    Rogue and Hunter... I just can't bring myself to get used to their playstyles. I do have both of them... sitting at level 16 and 40 for about 5 years now :S I've been playing on and off, can't stand em.

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    I have every class except priest

    i dont particularly like casters or healers

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