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    challenge mode

    so, we've done all silver medals and we want to try golds
    I went assa for it, but now I think.... is it a good choice? isn't combat better?
    what do you think guys? I know how to play both specs
    I want answer from somebody who HAVE experience with gold runs
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    Depends on the dungeon really. Both tend to be absolutely viable.

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    The only place where Combat might come ahead is Scarlet Something , the one with the cathedral , and thats only for last boss(might get quite alot of seconds there)

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    Problem I found with combat in Scarlet Monestary is not feeling comfortable using Killing Spree to help kill the first boss quickly (as he summons the large adds that need to be killed).

    I can appreciate your point on the last boss though and it probably evens out. sub 35% assassination is nice for bosses and the large pulls favours fok.

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    Hmm, I always thought that once I get around doing CMs when we have this content on farm is that Combat would be far superior seeing as BF will be up a majority of the trash pulls.

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    I've completed all golds and I would say assassination is better for all of them except maybe 1 or 2. You have to chain pull, so most of the time you have 7+ adds to DPS so FoK/CT as assassination worked better for me.

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