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    Decided to add it back to my computer for giggles and guess what? Going on 10 hours and has about 30-35% to go until completion.

    Mind you it's likely only a fraction the size of Warcraft and I can install that game in its entirety within a few hours at tops. In fact, no MMO or any game for that matter to date has gone beyond four hours for me concerning the installation/download process.

    Does Bioware know nothing about file compression? I see that as a problem because that very well could turn a lot of new people away from this. I could have left for a full day of work, started it up in the morning, and still be far from done by the time I get home.


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    It really must be your internet speed... because my brother just downloaded it on his new computer in just a few hours tops.

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    I'd probably say the same thing. Check your firewall or other internet settings. I think the initial download is around 20gb, and possibly more with all the patches. Wow is only about 12gb.

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