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    Impossible lag, red X issue, something new, unnaceptable fix

    Hello all,

    Since 6 days now (sat 1 dec) I cant play this game, if I am in the fleet, or in a WZ, I just get a lag so terrible as minutes and finally get disconnected with an 9000 code error.

    This happens, as said, when I am in certain places or when I do certain things (mainly interact with the game), if I am in a planet not so crowded or if the server isnt so full then the problems exists but not so hard and I can chek the mail or even kill some mob.

    It is well documented and better ignored by BW and it is not a graphics issue and it is not easy to figure out what is happening.

    -- swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=497911
    -- swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=545658&highlight=lag+issues

    a general search: -- swtor.com/community/search.php?searchid=3187351

    What I have done is everything I can imagine that could have something to with this serious problem and whatever hint I readed, record that this suddenly started to happen, nothig of the next was necessary before that damned day:

    - I have opened all the ports cited as involved
    - I have disabled the win firewall
    - I have cheked the drivers as up to date
    - I have lowered bottom down all the graphic options
    - I have repaired the game and the launcher
    - I have installed a virtual RAM device for certain cache/data files (DiskCacheArena and others)
    - I have deleted this cache file
    - I have reinstalled the game
    - I have installed the game in another machine at home, opened a brand new account and started a new char in a new server
    - I have reseted the router and even switched off for a whole night

    Nothing worked, at all. It has to be noted that during this time I have no other issues with my connection, streaming, normal web browsing, P2P, whatever works fine, even others internet games.

    I had been playing SWTOR for two weeks before without any serious problem.

    Well, until here, nothing really new, this random problem which affects some players have not been, as far as I know, resolved.

    So desperately I tried a paid proxy (BattlePing.com) in trial mode and the problems just dissapear for the 20 minutes free it provides in this free mode. Of course this is an unacceptable fix, but it is obviusly a clue in order to solve this and I havent readed anything about this approach before.

    What the hell is happening? It is obviously a net problem, but where?, if you read the threads I linked it doesn't appear to be a general ISP problem but a ISP client problem, too many people from too many different places. Something very strange.

    I hope that this information could help someone with the enought net expertise to figure out what the problem is and where resides, taking into account that the problem appears suddenly and the internet connection, as whatever other service I could have in my computer, works fine.

    Cheers and thanks in advance.

    I understand that this is a ver exotic issue, but it would be really nice is someone sub, the ones who are allowed to post in the swtor.com forums, refers to this new detail.

    I was considering becoming a sub from preferred, but this problem have been unresolved for a long time now and it is not an option to pay for a game that cannot be played.
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    I have found another and more specific extended thread about this problem, please, consider linking this post threre too.

    -- swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=340243

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