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    [H] Solaris (10) 15/16HC - LF Healer/DPS - Heroic raiding guild on Ragnaros EU

    You can always see the latest news at http://solaris-eu.com/

    Looking for:
    Healers and DPS
    Particularly Priests!

    About us:
    Solaris is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Ragnaros-EU created at the end of Wrath of the Lich King, we raid 3 or 4 days per week and aim to clear all HC bosses when they are current.

    Current progress 15/16HC

    Vital Information:
    • We raid three days a week with a possibility for one bonus day for progression: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday (bonus day).
    • Raids start at 19.30 and we're usually aiming to be done for the night around 22.30, but no later than 23.00.
    • On free days we are usually either doing guild achievements/PvP or alt runs.
    • We expect raiders to attend all raids. Missing a raid because of exams or a family dinner is okay as long as you stay over 90% attendance and we are informed well ahead of time.
    • Repairs are permanently free, flask cauldrons are put down every raid, and the guild bank sells flasks and potions at a significant discount.

    • Competitiveness, we want only the best, as such, you should never settle for being second best.
    • High, reliable attendance.
    • Play the class, not the spec, some heroic fights will require class stacking so if you can’t play all specs you can get benched for that fight (having one or more useful alts is a plus for heroic 10 man progression).
    • A player dedicated to achieving progression, both for yourself and the guild.
    • Able to see your own mistakes, correct them and be able to take criticism.
    • Microphone and ability to talk on mumble - we're all pretty talkative people and someone who just sits and listens and occasionally types in raid chat will NOT fit in.

    Being able to vocally express your thoughts and ideas as well as adding important input during encounters in a short and appropriate way.

    If you feel that you got what it takes, visit us at http://solaris-eu.com/ or feel free to catch me (Joán) online if you have any questions.
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    B u m p t o t h e t o p

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    Still looking for a healer and a shadow priest for further heroic progression

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    13/16 HC a few days ago now looking for a warlock for further heroic progression.

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    We're 15/16 now and we got our Warlock, but we're very interested in seeing applications from healers and DPS, particularly Priests!

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