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    Heroic Garalon 25m - What is my guild doing wrong?

    Hi, I'm looking to fix our heroic garalon problems!

    World of Logs is buggy right now, so even though it says normal lfr and heroic, they are ALL heroic logs.

    All logs: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-zlkxj9d1uvxt9xpv/

    Healing done (all): http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-zl...m/healingDone/

    Damage done (all) : http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-zl...um/damageDone/

    Best attempts:

    1: dmg: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-zl...=10415&e=10842

    1: heals: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-zl...=10415&e=10842

    2: dmg: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-zl...?s=8589&e=9017

    2: heals: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-zl...?s=8589&e=9017

    3: dmg: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-zl...?s=7862&e=8292

    3: heals: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-zl...?s=7862&e=8292

    4: dmg: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-zl...?s=7210&e=7635

    4: heals: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-zl...?s=7210&e=7635

    Our strat:
    We run 8 melee and 7 healers most attempts, but our final attempts we ran 6 healers and it worked very well for us. However, we still hit enrage with 6 healers.

    We leave our feral druid on the boss and have 7 melee run around the legs cleaving. We make our double dotters dot all the legs and pull off at 20% health remaining.

    We make our ranged do pheremones at first and then have the healers take it towards the end of the fight so that every healer has taken pheremones by the time enrage hits, usually with myself last hitting higher stacks.

    We have had 4% wipes, and even a 1.5% wipe with 6 healers. What blows my mind is that dropping a healer and addign a dps did not get us a kill and I need to figure out whats not going right. Any and all help would be appreciated and please be as blunt and critical as you feel is needed!

    Thanks in advanced


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    Without looking at your logs, if you hit 4% and 1.5% you are not doing anyting wrong. It means you're likely within 30minutes of a kill. Had you spent a whole day on him not reaching P2 we couldve started talking. Not to mention its really hard from a strategy point of view to actually fail on him and any guild reaching him obviously knows you run around the room with the debuff etc. It's all just about pulling enough HPS and DPS. You'll beat him your next raid I can pretty much guarantee.

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    I appreciate the kind words, but we dropped a healer and added a dps and still only made up 3% more damage. If we're not maximizing our dps (which it seems we're not by only making up 3% damage with one more dps) properly and someone can see where I would lovveeeee to know where!!!

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    I totally agree with Krebosh. You guys got this.
    Having the feral druid on the boss is exactly what we are doing too.
    The only thing when I look at the logs is maybe a SLIGHTLY dps issues. Nothing major if you got him to 1.5%.

    Here's our kill with around 15 seconds left on enrage :

    Your melee cleaver should pull a bit more dps.
    Here is me (fury warrior) cleaving. Maybe your warrior should take a look idk. They should make sure to WW once then RB. (Meatcleave)

    Same for your rogues, Blade flurry should be top priority, cleaving is extremely important.
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