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    10M Normal Gara'Jal - Issues 40%.

    Taking into consideration our raiding guild is new and only done 3 raids we have hit a slight problem with Gara'Jal, basically at around 40% the raid just takes to much damage for our healers to heal and im guessing this is down to the adds... We generally lack x2 dps that can supply us with a high standard of dps as our top contenders already do is this correct in saying we need to kill way more adds in the spirit world to reduce the damage to the raid... and any tips as to what to do besides just sending 1 healer 2 dps in a time?

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    How many healers you running with?

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    If you have a shadow priest with halo or an affliction warlock, then make them go in each time with a healer (2 people only in each totem) and the rest dps. The fight gets a lot more easier just make sure to call out the next totem 5 seconds or so before it spawns so the dps can get out and get back in. Assign back up dps incase of voodoo such as Boomkin, Survival Hunter and Elemental Shamans.

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    virtually any dps will do a fine job in there as long as they're smart about target switching and multidotting
    The only class I would specifically suggest NOT sending is a frost mage due to their 15% dps loss whenever they start on a new target.

    Most of the damage comes from how many adds you're killing (the spirit world should be very very close to clear if not entirely clear by the time each group goes back up) as well as tank damage control. If your voodoo doll targets appear to be dropping dead its probably because the tank is taking too much spike damage. As a tank, rotating cooldowns is very important on this fight. If you see lots of shadowbolts going out that means there are more adds up, and this is a good time to pop a big CD. Also, prioritize damage reduction over self-healing since the damage you take translates directly into damage on the voodoo doll targets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steik View Post
    How many healers you running with?
    Currently running with 3 healers

    Disc Priest - (Me)
    Holy Paladin
    Resto Druid

    Weirdly we struggle to recruit DPS on our realm atm so our choice of dps is really tight.

    We currently took yesterday...

    Affliction Warlock
    Enhancement Shaman
    Assassination Rogue
    Windwalker Monk
    BM Hunter

    Baring in mind 3 of those have low dps but we have no other options at this stage its that tight....

    So are you saying stick with the 2 dps 1 healer until around 50% then switch to 1 healer 1 dps per totem or is it easier to skip a totem spawn it just seems to get abit hectic around 45%?

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    The damage is mainly due to badly geared tanks and bad dps in the totemrooms.

    We have assigned 2 dps 1 healer for first totem
    and 2 dps 1 healer for second totem,
    1 dps and 1 healer stay ready for when someone in the totem groups gets the voodoodoll.

    Its important to clear out all the adds in there, the more healing done to the dpsers in the totem room the more mastery haste and crit they will get. So just spam them.

    Honestly you should probably take in 1 extra dps instead of a healer.

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    Bearing in mind your assigned targets may get voodoo dool so this is subject to change? Our tanks a fairly geared well i think its a dps issue that is our problem. I thought there must be a healer in the spirit world to top everyone up baring in mind some classes can self heal?

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    they are indeed saying that you should send 1dps and 1heal but i totally disagree .. if you CAN do it that way then sure its great, but theres really no reason to plan on doing it that way. Also make sure your healers are taking turns going in to refill their mana

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    Take 2 healers instead. My guild started off with 3 healers and it always ended in TPK at like 30% . As long as your tanks roll CD's to lower the damage received when voodoo'd two healers can easily do it.

    Assign each healer two DPS ( ranged Pref ) that they will go down with into the other realm, obviously adjusting which DPS goes down if some in one group get voodoo'd.

    Clear out as many adds you can for the last totem before 20%, then come out pop blood lust and have everyone stack to make healing easier. Any DPS with damage reducing CD's should use them, any group CD's I.E Tranquillity/AMZ should be staggered in order to help you survive as long as possible.

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    Personally, having done every role in the encounter, I think the best way to do it is assign 2 dps to go down. If they can go they do. If they don't the call for someone to replace them, someone steps up and goes down for them. Healers watch each other and coordinate amongst themselves, theres no need to "assign" a healer because which healer goes should be clearly evident to them if they're 2 healing it.

    Essentially just communicate, it can be done without ever assigning anyone as long as people speak up

    "I'm voodoo dolled"
    "I got it"

    thats all it takes (assuming you know each other's voices ;P

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    We downed him first time this week. For the spirit world, we roughly alternated between sending 1 and 2 dps (with heals rotating). If the Warlock was available, we only did 1 dps, for the others it was a Boomkin and sometimes an Enh Shaman if there were too many adds up (Monk was a backup, and we let our Arcane Mage just burn outside). 3 Heals (Sham, Holy Priest, Pally). Mostly it just took a few pulls for the dps and healers to get comfortable with the semi-random rotation. Also, I found that turning on Friendly Nameplates really helps for this fight so you can see who is at the totems much easier.

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    your lock needs cooldowns+4shards, and he can kill 12adds in 1go, (sbss*4+drainsoul)*3, you will even heal up doing so.

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    See atm me and the healers rotate to gain mana and we shout up. I do tend to shout names to enter the next totem on banishment which is voodoo doll change over. So you seriously suggest 2 healers for the extra dps? Getting abit confused with what to send in now just to confirm 1 healer 2 dps standard?

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    3 healers. Call one (or get somebody to call one) for each totem depending on mana and Doll debuff.
    2 DPS in each time. Kill as many adds as possible. Healer that goes in should heal them to full and keep on healing. They get large amounts of mana regen and each heal stacks a buff on the DPS increasing their damage in there and for a short while after leaving.

    Realistically, if you're being overrun with adds in the spirit realm then the people you're sending in are doing things very wrong.

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    Thats what i do and we just generally get overrun with raid damage at 40% so is that basically down to how many adds are left up inside the spirit world?

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    I raid lead for an average, everyday, 10 man progression team. We've 4/6 in Mogu'shan (with Elegon close) and first boss down in whatever the other instance is (my minds blank)

    - The fight is tuned for two healers.
    - Pop Bloodlust 5 seconds or so in to the pull. You can pre-pot and you're almost guaranteed to get procs etc. at the start of the fight.
    - We send a Hunter, Ele Shaman and a Healer in to the Spirit Realm each time. If one of them gets Voodoo we send a Mage. But always send 3.
    - We DONT rotate them for extra DPS, we find it's better to stick with the two best DPS to get the adds down inside.
    - Rotate the healer that goes in to the Spirit Realm obviously (though sometimes you will simply have bad RNG)
    - Have the healer leave the Spirit Realm as soon as they have topped the DPS and themselves up, the sooner the Healer can leave, the more healing the Voodoo Doll targets and tank will get
    - Stack up tight behind the boss so no one single person gets nuked by shadow bolts from the adds
    - Stop going in the Spirit Realm at 20-25% and just nuke the boss. Use raid CD's (smoke bomb works) closer to 10-15% as there will be adds in the Spirit Realm dps'ing you.

    Also, raid leading wise, I call out when the next totem is 5 seconds away, which is the indicator for the DPS and healer to get out, if they haven't already (which the healer really should have). Then just call which healer is going back in to the Spirit Realm and make sure one of the DPS'ers for the Spirit Realm isn't Voodoo'd, and if so, call their replacement to go in.
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    We go with 2 healers (disc & shaman), and I am set for going into every totem as shadow priest. I can kill all the spirits using a well placed halo + multidot, while also killing one or two that spawn after I've halo'd/dotted using procs. It's extremely efficient and all the other dps can get full uptime on boss. If I ever get the voodoo doll (which I shouldn't when we time things right) we have a boomkin going in as backup. They are also very sweet at taking spirits with starfall and multidot.

    As for the rest of the fight we have everyone stacked up behind the boss at all times to help out aoe healing, and everyone will use personal cooldowns when needed. For example I as a shadow priest typically end up with 15k+ hps at the end of the fight after using well timed vampiric embrace, PoM, shields, renews etc.

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    We had some problems first time we were there but it got a lot easier. The thing I had the most problems with was getting the right people to go down (I'm the raid leader btw). Then I found this addon: which made things a lot easier.

    We run with two healers and clear the spirit world from mobs every time there is a totem. Affliction lock is beyond awesome here due to fast multi dotting. As others said earlier, the healer leaves as soon as everyone is topped off and the rest leaves just before timer is up. The tank must use his CDs to lessen the damage from Voodoo Doll. BL/TW at start with prepotting to take a large chunk out of the boss' life before the first totem is also essential.

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    What we do about spirit dolls/spirit realm:

    We split our 6 dds (2 healing it), into 3 teams:

    Team 1 has 2 DDS
    Team 2 has 2 dds
    Team 3 has 2 dds

    So you just say :

    Team 1 cant go, Team 2 cant go. Team 3 goes. Thats basically it. The healers should know by themself if they cant go or not.

    And the priority is always:

    Team 1> Team 2 > Team3 ( if only one team has a spirit doll).

    We are never confused about who goes in, and there is never a problem about adds.

    I would never use bloodlust at the start. Use it in the soft enrage phase, so you can down it quickly, + you will have at least 2 dds who still have the spirit buff on them.

    I am pretty sure they fixed how smoke bomb works on that bomb, however using hand of protection on the tanks, works wonders.

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    Sending someone down who has the buff you gain from being down is a loss of dps on the boss.

    My guild has 2 groups of dps who if we are lucky never get voodoo dolled and can always go down. But since that is not the case the last two dps will rotate in if one of the normal dps can't go in.

    As for healers, the one who is not voodoo dolled goes in. if they both aren't the one with lower mana goes in.

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