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    LF Challenge mode group

    Hello, my name is Lohkán, and I am a very skilled healer in the guild Big Crits, on Sen'jin. I am looking for a group of equally skilled players to do Gold Challenge Modes with. I have experience in Challenge modes and have several gold awards already. The group I was originally running with just stopped and we never picked back up. I have a US 29th rank on Gold Jade Temple, which was originally 14th and a 61st US Gate of the Setting Sun, which was originally US 4th.
    You can add me to Real ID if you feel you would want to try and put together a skilled Challenge mode team, however, I will only work with a solid, dedicated, and skilled group of players. Battletag: Lohkan#1971

    I can provide a large amount of Invisibility Potions to the group as well. (As I remember that you can't trade cross realm, so lolnvm.)

    I know a lot of people have finals this week and Xmas break the week after. so I don't except a finalized group to start immediately. However, I want to build a group to start after the Xmas break shenanigans.

    Current group comp
    Healer: Lohkán
    Dps1: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ondis/advanced
    Dps2: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Wolf/advanced
    Dps3: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...erage/advanced

    Back up dps:
    NOTE: If any persons dps, awareness, or overall proformance is under-par or is holding the group back from any part of the challenge mode, you will be replaced.
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    I may join your challenge group. On the 15th. when i go horde. and possibly join your guild <3
    I solo stuff. I do deepz. I raid. What else do i want? Oh yeah. loot. give me loot. Cookie for loot?

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