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    Lost all my weakauras after a crash

    As the title says, I lost all my weak auras ( 500+ ) after a WoW crash. Not a single one of them shows up on the list. No other addons were affected though.

    Is there something I can do? Or can I start redoing the interface for every single one of my characters?

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    What you can do is: check /WTF/Account/youraccount/SavedVariables/WeakAuras.lua , if its file size is reasonable (hundreds of KBs or more), then you still have some data and you can try to manually fix the file. That folder also contains backups of .luas but, apparently, WoW doesn't make them often (my backup is from 2014).

    And a lesson should be learnt: make backups of your /WTF/ directory, store them on a remote server or USB stick, or whatever else you might prefer.

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