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    So any more thoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xtramuscle View Post
    I've camped that whelp for hours, still not seen a single one.
    I've camped it too for hours on end.
    What I did was, I reanimated old toons, which I was heavily considering for deletion. They are on other realms, and I likely not going to play them anymore.
    So, I placed 4 toons at the location, on 4 different CRZ zones. And then yesterday, my efforts got rewarded.
    Logged into the one that's on the lowest pop. And there I seen one........ and another one..... and another one.....
    By the time I was done, I went through 14 of those little boogers, and was a proud owner of a green quality pet.
    Multi-camp so far is very successful for me. The only one that really gives me a headache is the Silithid in Tanaris. Every one of the realms I camp has the same bug.
    Sandstorm kicks in.... no spawns. Frustrating..

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    Personally, I found these wild pets the hardest to find, let alone capture in blue quality. Obviously, your spawn- and droprate may vary from server to server, and luck plays some part in this. But here's my top list of pets I would gladly capture at POOR quality, just so I do not have to camp for days for a RARE quality pet:

    Minfernal, Festering Maggot, Grotto Vole, Jade Oozling, Infinite Whelpling, Tiny Twister, Wanderers Festival Hatchling, Wild Hatchlings

    EDIT: I should include a disclaimer: Always use these stones first on pets that you can not otherwise get a blue quality version of!
    If I would have all other pets at blue quality, the ones mentioned above would be the ones I would upgrade with a flawless stone.
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