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    A PvE Players thoughts on a PvP realm

    So earlier on this morning, me and two mates decided to roll on Stormscale - EU for shits and giggles and level 3 brand new alts, So just to be specific,

    Were from an Alliance main guild,
    Most of our Friends are non pvpers, and on Alliance

    Were on a new realm as horde
    We have no friends, no guild back up
    We have no looms
    We have no gold,
    We starting from scratch, completely and utterly from scratch, the only advantage we have over a new player is we know the terrain essentially, and my two mates know the class their playing to a degree (Im a monk so its all new to me)
    Were all on TS

    So we started off, left Deathknell, leveling fine, no Alliance anywhere in site, we hit 11 ish, and have to pass SM to get to our next quest, and what do we come across, a decent 6 v 6 or so of players attacking each other and lowbies in the area,

    Needless to say most of the horde died, and some Alliance, and one of those Alliance that were left decided to chase us, thankfully, the 90 attacking him prevented him mounting, and chasing us properly, but he still gave it a good shot,

    Now we had shits and giggles laughing down TS to leg it before he caught us, or killed the 90 and mounted after us, as it happens me and one mate had set our HS to our hand ins and our third mate was on CD, to which he almost got caught, while we pissed ourself laughing at him cursing at us.

    Besides that, we've seen 90s running around or flying around and they've not paid to much attention to us, we had one level 16 attack us by sfk, to which we then killed him a few times and moved on to the next quest hub,

    Now I know, were still a low level, and in a fairly underpopulated zone until we hit 50 or so, but we all agreed, today was the best "wow day" we've had in months, totally relaxed, fun and well chilled were going to grab some beers for tomorrow and carry on until they have their raid,

    Personally were all looking forward to being higher and being in "real" danger out in the world, and actually have to think about how were going to do something, instead of being mindless drones following quest after quest just one hitting everything in looms,

    So yes, I approve of PvP realms and I thought I'd make this post as I see a lot of hate going around because of ganking and node / vein stealing so I thought I'd add a positive light, anyone else feel the same or had similar?
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    This is pretty much what PvP servers is about. Living in constant fear that you any moment can be backstabed. But that is a good thing in my opinion, but many hate it. You had one of those "moments" that we all remember in WoW. One of those times where it truly felt like you had an epic adventure. Sadly for me, those "moments" became too rare for me to bother still paying for the game.

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