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    Minecraft Server, with Tekkit - req / rec stats?

    I am currently looking to set up a few spare parts in order to build a dedicated server for Minecraft to share with friends and family. I am guessing max players active would be somewhere around 4 or 5, and if things get crazy.... 10.

    I am sure ram will need to be at least about 8g, and video card is not really that big of deal. But my curiosity is what would the base CPU req be...

    Any one else out there have one running, able to give some info?


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    I was running a dedicated minecraft server on my pc for 5-6 people with 8gbs ram and on my i5 750 overclocked at 3.75. It ran pretty well. My biggest issue was the bandwidth it took. My internet bill started capping when people decided to go out exploring with all the info that kept having to be updated back and forth.
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    I am currently running a FTB server for my guildies. (which I suggest checking out instead of Tekkit for various reasons)

    It's not perfect how I have it, but to give you an idea my current setup til I replace it come tax season is an AMD Athelon II X4 640 processor, 3.0 GHz, with 2 (yeah its low) gb ram.

    I've only had 5 on max, but had no problems unless I play on the server using the same computer, but thats more likely attributed to the crappy video card I have.

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    you need maybe 2GB of ram and 1-2 cores on your cpu

    honestly 1GB of ram is plenty for most home minecraft servers

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    this is the software that i use, if you are familiar with linux, it's pretty easy to get running


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