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    How much to charge for site development

    So I thought I would ask the MMO community how much you would charge a close personal friend for website development and maintenance. We're both in our 30s and he's looking for a webmaster for a real estate site...which should be doable. He'll be footing the bill for the host, domain registration and relevant real estate APIs.

    If I was younger I probably would've just done it for kicks. But now we're older, have day jobs etc, so I don't think a fee is out of the question.

    What do you think? I certainly don't want to be a jerk or greedy but also want to keep it mature.

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    This thread should give you a decent idea of what people charge. Make sure his expectations about the final product and your responsibilities are in writing. Don't want to run in to legal issues down the road if this is his business.

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    Thanks Chaud. I was concerned about that. When it comes to money and business anything can happen.

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