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    Keybinding and movement

    So what do you keybinders use to move cause i cant hold down the mouse buttons to move and click on my grid at the same time. BTW im trying to learn to not be a clicker and mouse mover

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    It's called Micro, you can rotate your camera angle inbetween gcd's... Or just use QE to strafe and AD to turn, so if you hold down for example Q and D at the same time, you're running in circle.
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    I just move with WSAD and rotate camera with mouse (2nd button pressed quake 1 style). Spam abilities bound to "~" - 4 + Q/E for easy access, misc abilities on F's (healthstone, self heal spell, minor cooldowns), CDs and CD macros on Z to V (Z - potion, XCV - CD's).

    Not full bound I still click some abilities like 5 min cooldowns or something like this.

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    Try mouseover macros so you're not having to be clicking on grid all the time.

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    When I decided to move away from clicking (I still click some abilities that don't get used often), the best advice I got was to never turn with any keys, ever. I use for movement

    • W - Forward
    • A - Strafe Left
    • S - Back
    • D - Strafe Right
    • Right Mouse Button - To Turn
    • Left Mouse Button - Turn Camera

    My main abilities are Scroll Up, Scroll Down, and Middle Mouse Button. My other important abilities are the keys around WASD for easy reach as the row of number keys are just not comfortable for me to use and taking my fingers away from the WASD keys, as a melee player, would mess me up. If I need more keys, I just add Shift to a key near WASD.

    When it comes to movement strafing is great because it lets you move laterally while keeping your camera still - very useful in boss fights where you need to move a lot but also need to keep your eyes on the boss. The other advantage of turning via the mouse and not the keyboard is a much greater amount of precision.

    All this said, it's a game and the main purpose is to have fun. If you find that clicking is somehow more fun, do that. Do what you want and use suggestions as guides to finding your method rather than as rules to followed to the letter.

    Happy gaming. :)

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    As a lefty I use P and the 3 buttons below.
    For an azerty keyboard, like I use that would be: p,l,m,ù which I think is p, l, ; , ' for a qwerty keyboard.

    Most of the time I'm using my mouse to move tho..

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    You move with WASD whether you're clicking your heals or keybinding them. If you bind the strafes to A and D, it frees up some extra keys for abilities. The mouse is just for turning, but you don't really need to do any turning while healing.

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