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    Want to get a few people to weigh in here.

    I'm not looking for a set of gaming headphones, but a set for jogging and sports usage in the Behind the neck style (that's a must). I've had a few pairs of Sony's Sony MDR-G57G S2 which were in my opinion PERFECT, but since then they've stopped making them and the few places that do have them are asking for a ludicrous amount for them.

    I'm coming off from using Ear buds, which I paid too much for in my opinion, but had perfect balance in regards to the bass. It was enough so you could feel the bass, but not so much that it was overpowering the song. And please don't recommend Sony's Street Style Behind the Neck MDGR45LP... I could careless what people say about them in reviews, they hardly have any Bass at all... I'll be returning them first chance I get.

    What I'm looking for:

    • Behind-the-Neck Style
    • Healthy balance of Bass
    • No more than $80.00

    What I'm not looking for:

    • Over the head style
    • Ear Buds
    • Ear Buds with some cheap clip
    • Anything with weak or no Bass

    Suggestions, opinions, and any help overall would be greatly appreciated.
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    Dude, good neckband headphones dont really exist.
    I can think of clips like the ksc75 and some others, but not really anything else that comes to mind.

    May I ask, why don't you want headband / on-ears / around-the-ear headphones?
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