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    what two adults do should be their business so long as no one is harmed imo.

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    im not affected. go ahead and get with your sister/brother or what have you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaykaywhy View Post
    Kinda like how global warming is fearmongering from moralist groups who think they have the right to dictate how people live or what should be right.
    Except those two aren't relatable at all.
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    It doesn't really affect me, and if the one true love of your life is your sister or brother, then who cares, marry them.
    Quote Originally Posted by Proberly View Post
    Oh would you now? It truly is amazing how many heroic people we have wasting their time on internet.

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    Taking the stigma away from adult incest will lead to more adult incest, which leads to more chances of kids that won't be up to par with society and god knows that population is already large enough.
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    If a Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones has taught me anything, it's that brother-sister incest is hot, but the kid will be a complete jackass.

    In reality, I feel what two consenting adults do in the bedroom is their own business.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wilian View Post
    Except those two aren't relatable at all.
    Yes, it is. Quod gratis asseritur, gratis negatur. You're making a blanket argument that the theories behind group herd and social genetics are invalid, without any sort of evidence, aside from just your statements. Should I take your word for it?

    Show me your research that allowing inbreeding will only have a minimal affect on the gene pool. Show me a population study that has seen that, without inbreeding laws, the human gene pool hasn't weakened. Hell, show me some research that every known disease that has afflicted mankind can be attributed to one specific genetic allele, because that's the only way you're argument has any sort of merit-- if every disease can be broken down into a simple one allele, unlinked, punnett square.

    Kinda like how gun control is fearmongering from moralist groups who think they have the right to dictate how people live or what should be right.

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    Polygamy should be illegal and enforced, and polygamy has more to do with incest than people realize.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Collegeguy View Post
    Polygamy should be illegal and enforced, and polygamy has more to do with incest than people realize.
    I don't understand polygamy. It just has so much Psycho Hosebeast potential, but from multiple sources simultaneously. That just sounds like it would be fucking awful.

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    Meh, kinda gross but I guess as long as either they don't have children or get tested to make sure there wouldn't be horrible birth defects, it should be okay i guess. I have to ask, what the fuck would make you ask this question anyway? Do you have a really hot sister or something? =D

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    is this thread fckng real?
    "should we be seen as degenerate if we act like degenerates, and then shouldn't it be legalised so we can't be treated for what we are?"

    That the p^start its discussion is one thing but the answers...omg. This generation if full of fuck ups isn't it?

    So no it should never ever be authorised because people coming up with this does not know any better, they are harming everyone in society.

    inb4 "you are so not open minded, not cool" here is your ban
    inb4 animal do it
    inb4 it's always been done across the centuries
    inb4 the right to be happy
    and inb4 "why can't I be with my son/daughter if he/she likes it"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Radoria View Post
    Do you have a really hot sister or something? =D
    Then he should do what normal people do.

    Masturbate to climax into their underwear drawer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lora
    Quote Originally Posted by wdmshmo
    The reason why I think it should not be allowed is degeneration from inbreeding.

    It weakens the gene pool. It will lead to even more genetic disorders.
    This is all there is to be said. It's from a purely non-biased standpoint. It is bad for people.
    Lots of things "weaken the gene pool" and we do nothing to prevent them. It's "bad for the gene pool" for people with Huntington's disease to have kids too, but there's no law against it. Can you even imagine the shitstorm there would be if someone tried to pass such a law?

    It's bad for a person, not so much for people as a whole.

    If incest was super common and families continued being incestuous through the generations then it might be bad for people. However, even if incest were legal and socially acceptable there probably still wouldn't be many incest children as humans in general are wired to avoid it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Radoria View Post
    Meh, kinda gross but I guess as long as either they don't have children or get tested to make sure there wouldn't be horrible birth defects, it should be okay i guess. I have to ask, what the fuck would make you ask this question anyway? Do you have a really hot sister or something? =D
    I don't have any siblings so i couldn't even if i wanted to. That asside im curious about peoples opinions on this matter, While a lot is accepted today this is still something that people see quickly as unacceptable. Even when you exclude being able to have children with your siblings

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    I love you, Recent Posts box. You make MMO Champion a brighter, happier place. I can rely on every visit to have a headline that rivals anything The Guardian can come up with for drive-by eyecatching.

    On topic: If you can get around the genetic dilution. But then, you could argue medical technology itself is diluting the gene pool quality by allowing weak and sickly human beings that would have died in the wilderness (*cough* hi there *cough*) to instead survive and pass their weaker material on, "cheating" the selection system.

    In a sense, perhaps a very real sense, humanity has more-or-less stopped evolving biologically and shifted to evolving technologically. As we defend, support, and enable our weak more and more via technology, the effects of biological fitness become less and less relevant or able to act upon future generations. Instead, we substitute technological compensation for what was previously addressed by genetic adaptation.

    That leads to the question of whether deliberate inbreeding, and the harmful effects it has on genetic diversity, is a relevant concern in the long term. As technology advances and the ability to compensate for, or even outright repair/fix/improve, genetic weakness becomes more and more commonplace... what obstacle, practically, will there be to the taboo?

    So even though it sounds strange, it's actually pretty easy to project into the future and, assuming technology keeps up at the pace it's moving, imagine a point where there's no real tangible detriment to inbreeding — "Don't worry folks, we can fix that!" We'll probably be deliberately engineering our children even when they come from diverse genetic combinations, since, you know... who wants an icky mundane kid when you can fix all their flaws before they're born?

    So, eh, idk. Reflecting on it like that, give it 100-200 years, maybe? Perhaps less. And "I'm taking my sister to Prom" will probably not matter anymore. Onward, humanity! Onward you grow!

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    No. People look to their families as a source of stability. Relationships are complicated and can cause lifelong problems with involved people. If you allow relationships within families, you start cutting families apart from the inside out. This is just one of many problems with incest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willfox View Post
    If you want to know what happens when you inbreed, just go look at royal families.

    Why do people keep bringing this up thinking it's important? If anything, their lifespan/health seems to be improved - at least for the British royals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willfox View Post
    Pretty sure the MHC molecules on cells in the body are from the mother and father and they are part of the immune system, although not antibodies themselves
    100% true, also, I learnt something today.

    Unless I'm reading it wrong, and this is pure interpretation, inbreeding isn't negative in that regard but limits the diversity, for evolution it's a bad thing but for one generation to adopt the same genes it doesn't really matter.
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    my cousin is kinda hot..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malkazam View Post
    my cousin is kinda hot..
    hit dat, son

    incest is hottest when it's between two people of the same gender, and that can produce no babies. i think that homosexual incest should be a-okay but heterosexual incest should remain condemned.

    no parent:child incest, either.

    maybe no uncles either, there's the creepy uncle thing for a reason.

    i think i got everything down.

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