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    Should the government play a part in abortion?

    So when I talk to people about abortion, I usually get a fiery response involving "YOU'RE KILLIN DEM BABIES MOTHER FUCK" or "ITS THE WOMENS BODY JACKASS, RESPECT IT"

    But I feel we are arguing the wrong point here.

    Conservatives feel: The government should block you from abortions while being illegal

    Liberals: The government should fund abortions and be legal.

    My question is, why the fuck is the government even involved? They shouldn't be a mediator in whether you have an abortion. Why should I have to pay for Sally's romp in the field?

    Does anyone else feel government presence should be completely GONE in the abortion debate?

    If sally has a romp in the field, SHE should have to pay for it. Not the people. At the same time it should be legal.

    It seems this issue should put partisanship aside.

    What do you think?

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    Government subsidies of abortions save money from welfare programs. This is a fact.

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    government should be involved in an abortion in so far as to make sure the procedure is a proper medical one. And in the american system they should make it so the price isnt so fricken large that it blocks poor people from getting them.

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    Because of medical safety.
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    Not to mention its pretty dumb if you're going to provide medical care to then refuse to provide a legal form because some people don't like it.

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    Not even in the slightest way.

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    I would rather the government help pay for them rather than have some kid(s) be on welfare programs till they're 18. Seems like it saves the government money in the long run and we could really use some of that at the moment.

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    Some people believe they should still have the right to tell people what they can or cannot do. Since a significant number of people have stopped living in fear of eternal damnation the only way they can be coerced into that is through government interference. Also, we're going to pay for the kids anyway. State benefits will far surpass the cost of the abortion, and you could even argue that the financial burden on other services (such as education) will far exceed the cost of just paying for the abortion.
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    You know plenty of liberals are happy with the government leaving abortion alone and letting charity/donations pay for it. You know, like as long as governments don't intentionally screw with organisations that provide abortion without using government money.

    Kind of sad that even that is enough to make some of us happy.

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    Abortion should be legal, and not paid for by the government.

    Condoms and the pill are so cheap, effective, and readily available that if you get pregnant it's your own dumb ass' fault. There is absolutely no reason you shouldn't then have to pay for your own abortion.

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    If anything the government needs to fund organizations that help people find someone to adopt their child.

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    I don't believe in abortion.

    Just it be legal? Yes. Even though I am against it, it's better than the alternative.

    but should government pay for it? After spending time with some poor people with lots of kids and not even enough money to keep their electricity bill on, I would lean toward that.

    The rest of the country won't though because government paid feels government endorsed when it should be a choice.

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    Abortions save us money and prevent crime. They should be as freely available as is practicable.

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    The purpose of gov't funded abortions( and birth control) is to cull the population of poor people.

    The liberals want to help poor people by reducing their numbers.

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    Could be a unique solution to feeding the poor.

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    If you want to deny government aid to a particular non-cosmetic procedure, because you don't happen to like it... I suppose that's ok. So long as a woman who was denied an abortion gets to veto your next life-altering medical procedure. Seems fair to me.

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    I am not against abortion and I think it should be completely legal, but I don't think taxpayers should pay for abortions. If you aren't ready for a child, use birth control or DON'T HAVE SEX.

    There is the special case of rape however. If a rape victim becomes pregnant and cannot afford an abortion I believe it is perfectly fine for the government to pay for her abortion.
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    Government should protect the right of women to choose.

    Aside from that, they should play absolutely no role in the process - including funding it. (I think an exception to this may be funding it in the case of rape, and that's it. And, for the record, rape is rape. I'm tired of hearing BS about 'forcible rape' or 'legitimate rape'.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Llunai View Post
    Aside from that, they should play absolutely no role in the process - including funding it.
    Are you against all government provided health care?

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