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    [H] <Blacklight> US Dalaran 8/8H 2 night raid week

    Blacklight is a 10-man raiding guild. We have formed from a group of friends who enjoy the Hardcore raiding setting, but don’t have as much time as we used to. So werun two nights a week in a calm, but hardcore atmosphere. We plan on having an 11 man roster to accommodate for class balance and schedule. Our goal is to progress through all content as quickly as our 2 night schedule allows.

    Current needs:
    We are currently looking for a mage, Moonkin, and an Elemental shaman.

    US Dalaran Horde PVE
    Raid times: Tuesday and Thursday 7:30pm – 11:00pm EST

    What to Expect:
    -A calm, focused raiding environment where we have fun while progressing.
    -A strict adherence to our raiding schedule, we will never start an attempt after 11:00pm.
    -Like-minded people who raid for the enjoyment of progression and raiding itself, not for gear or for world/US/realm first.
    -Clearing all Content (current and anything we may have not cleared yet)

    -We expect members to have a love for the game and for the raiding experience, with a desire to clear all content while having time for our lives outside the game
    -We expect members to have raiding (preferably Heroic) experience and to be adept at playing their class.
    -We expect members with a mature attitude and behavior.
    -We expect all members to have Mumble, a mic is strongly encourage.
    -We expect all members to maintain 90% raid attendance to keep our 11 member rooster.
    -We expect all members to understand that with 11 raiders, 1 player will sit out for every encounter (based on class balance/progression/loot).
    -We expect all members to be on time and prepared (in real life as much as in game) for raids.
    -We expect players to know encounter mechanics and strategies, as well as their individual roles.
    -We expect all members to be time efficient (ex. not wasting time during trash or between wipes).

    Or for more information, talk to Rhokdelar, Balazin or Creeperzz in game. You can find an application here:
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    We are ready and willing to help the right person lvl their mistweaver monk!
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    Still looking for the right people!

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    Despite roster issues, a hurricane, a noreaster, job schedule changes and a few other misfortunes - we're pushing along and still making progress. Another new boss bit the dust tonight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aanne View Post
    Still looking!

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