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    Best Horde PVP server EU

    Hi guys,
    I just came back from a long break. Always been into PVE and followed people to servers that offered the best PVE.. Now i'm back and delving into competitive Arena/RBGing. However the current realm i'm on has almost ZERO pvp going on. So my question to you guys is : What's the best horde pvp realm ? I'm thinking active pvp in trade chat with a decent amount of people playing active.. I know you wont find a great realm without the typical egoistic people so don't worry about that. What i've heard so far Stormscale was a very good realm. No idea if it still is ?

    Thanks in advance !

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    Stormscale, if you can deal with all the douchbags and arrogant pricks thinking they are everything because they wintraded to 2.2k...( I pretty much summed up half of the server).
    It's a good realm, if you already have the achievements and tittles, if you are starting at 1.5k rating, don't even bother.

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