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    even more so for AOE as SCK scales way better with crit than haste
    Well, you're gonna have to prove this statement, because some math has been done on this topic, and the calculations showed that haste was better than crit for aoe damage.

    See, a Windwalker's best dps stat is haste (as long as he's not close to gcd capping). The reason why it's not the case for Brewmasters is because Tiger Palm is free, and since BoK doesn't apply a DoT for +20% damage, two Jabs plus one BoK do not outdamage three Tiger Palms by a large margin, hence the importance of crit, since haste increases the number of spells that could be replaced by others, nearly as potent, if you had less haste.

    Haste increases the number of BoKs you can do by increasing the number of Jabs. But this increase is a small dps gain. But in an aoe situation, haste increases the number of SCK, and that's where the damage comes from. In aoe fights, haste increases the overall damage of a spell that cannot be replaced by a free nearly-as-powerful spell.

    Thus, for single target, crit is a greater dps gain, but for SCK, haste is better.

    This is a qualitative explanation, but the numbers behind it do exist.
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