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    Alchemy: Elixir master == more flasks or no?

    Rather a newb question, but I'm new to alchemy. I want to have a chance at creating more flasks by taking a mastery path in alchemy. I went the route of Elixir's, thinking it might cover flasks. Created 5 flasks of the warm sun, not one extra was made. Did I choose the wrong path or is it just a rare hit?

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    Elixir mastery can proc extra elixirs and flasks. Key word being can...

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    Each mastery has like a 20% proc chance to proc an extra flask,pot,elixir or transmute.
    sometimes you're lucky and get procs every 4 or 5, sometimes you don't get anything.

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    Elixir mastery is indeed the flask mastery. The proc chance isn't very high though. I would recommend not expecting to get a proc and just being happy when you do.

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    The rate sometimes feels more like 10% for all the paths. You're less likely to notice it when making small amounts. Try making 20+ and you'll be a lot more likely to see procs
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    Sounds great folks - Just wanted to make sure I went the right path. Thanks all!

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