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    Looking to quit a few mmo's help me choose

    Here is my question, I love playing mmo's but currently I feel like I may be playing to many to really get anything out of them.

    The ones I play are RIFT, WOW, GW2, EVE ONLINE and I play a little AION, RAIDERZ AND DC UNIVERSE. So what I am asking is would it be best to quit on in order to be better at the others. I need some advice bad

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    Quit all of them and focus on your favourite. That will allow you to be better at your favourite whilst also having free time to do something more productive with your life/time.

    You could use that time to rediscover other genres, try out the amazing non MMO games and get a breath of fresh (gaming) air. Or you could watch a load of porn, get into anime, read a book, learn a language, pick up playing guitar, pump some iron and grow some muscle, become a gourmet chef or you could just ignore everything I said and make up your own mind because only you can truly know what you want.
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    How are we supposed to know which one you should quit? If you can't decide, if you can't gauge how much you like any of them, then pick one at random and quit it.
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    If you love playing them all then don't quit any of them :P There's no reason you have to be better at one than another, or spend more time on one to be better at it, I mean, you're playing entirely for the fact that you have fun whilst logged on. If you don't have fun, stop playing that game.

    If you really need to choose and don't actually care which ones, then I'd say drop the sub based ones since if you're spreading yourself over that many mmos you're probably not getting the best value for money anyway.

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    How can a person play so many MMOs in the first place.

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    I'd quit raiderz(no idea wtf tht is so..) then eve online,aion and cut waaay back on dc universe

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    Play wow mop thats the best one on the list blizzard has really proven why the magic is back of epicness!

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    I was googling Raiderz and their website bluescreened my computer. Quit that!
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    pfft as if you care..
    stick to GW2 eve and DCUO you can never have too many games to play especially when you get bored of one you have another what nice is eve is the only sub fee ull have to pay for the three of them

    i was playing raiderz beta before gw2 was released as it had a similiar dodge mechanic which i thought would help me train a bit for gw2 its an ok game but after a certain patche it just kept giving me unsafe messages so i uninstalled it and recently tried to reinstall it and it gave me a malware and somehow blocked my malwarebytes protection so i abandoned raiderz for good my comp works again now but man no f2p game is worth that much trouble (btw firefall has similiar dodgy problems so id advise to nto bother with it)

    i quit wow july last year
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nindoriel View Post
    How can a person play so many MMOs in the first place.
    This. Quit them all and go outside, imo.

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    Leave Aion, raiderz, DC uni, Rift, GW 2.
    Wow and Eve are the only worth the time.

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    Quit all the MMO's that require a subscription fee.. Play others casually or harcore'er if you enjoy one more than the other.

    No point paying for all them MMO's when you don't even get to enjoy them to the full potential.

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