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    Read through the article and aside from the 2 anonymous studies that were mentioned, there's not much science let alone other evidence to backup the author's open opinion on the subject. That said, I do agree though that for sitting for too long can be detrimental for you. That's why you balance between sitting for long periods and standing up and moving around. If the author's words were to be taken word for word, then it's written as if sitting is all people do for all hours of the day. The spinal cord needs rest from time to time. The author transitions into a talk about habits and suddenly, the article becomes a topic that's been discussed to death a million times.

    Nowadays, any and every self-proclaimed writer will write about anything to try to make the front page. Tomorrow, it'll be "excessive standing and movement causes arthritis."

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    What happens if I smoke a cigarette while sitting down watching TV.
    Combined with the amount of time stress reduces your lifespan by I should of already disrupted the space time continuum and died before I was ever conceived.

    Either way I would be more than happy to die at the ripe old age of 40, When that heart attack happens I just hope I have enough sense at the time to run out into oncoming traffic as I am sure it will be less pain than dying slowly.

    Would be even cooler however if i was given advance warning of my impending death, even if it was only a week from now, I would go out and enjoy myself to the fullest without fear of repercussions.
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    Calling bullshit on this, not exercising at all makes you live shorter if you sit much, but just plain sitting does not shorten your life much, it have more to do with the lack of physical activities that shorten your life span rather then sitting alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Windfury View Post
    What exactly doesn't knock time off your life?
    This. Seems there is something about everything that will knock time off your life.
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    Every second you live you lose another second of your life.

    The #1 leading cause of death is life. 99.99%* of all people who have lived have died. Save a life, stop living.

    *Not legally allowed to say 100%

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    We must invest technology into furniture that allows you to play on the computer while lying down.

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    Sitting is killing me
    Standing is killing me
    Alcohol is killing me
    Gaming is killing me
    Masturbation is killing me
    My hyperactive sex drive is killing me
    My commute is killing me
    Bacon is killing me

    Essentially, living is killing me, so fuck it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Incandio View Post

    Every hour sitting knocks 22 minutes off your life ... twice the impact of a cigarette!

    Better start selling armchairs with health warnings.
    Well fuck I'm going to die young. I've spent over 600 hours sitting on a bike seat this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aldrahan View Post
    Aha. But if you follow the link the actual reports say that every hour watching telly knocks 21.8 minutes off your life. There's some bad reporting going on there. Or rather just adaption for effect.
    Sitting down in front of a television for so long, why aren't I dead yet?

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    Life sucks and then you die.
    More news at 11.

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    Getting hit by a bus knocks the remaining time of your life.

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    jokes on you, I bought a levitation device.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orissa View Post
    Sitting is killing me
    Standing is killing me
    Alcohol is killing me
    Gaming is killing me
    Masturbation is killing me
    My hyperactive sex drive is killing me
    My commute is killing me
    Bacon is killing me

    Essentially, living is killing me, so fuck it.
    oh god I lost my shit, that is too good.
    Quote Originally Posted by Proberly View Post
    Oh would you now? It truly is amazing how many heroic people we have wasting their time on internet.

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    What about people in wheel chairs!?

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    Could be worse things to die from really.

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    Studies like this make my laugh. They cannot for sure tell us "Oh, this takes minutes off of your life". How would the measure that? There is no indicator on anyone as to how long we have left to stay alive and it going down every time we do something. Over all, wasted money on a bologna research subject. This is what our tax dollars are going to. Then they wander why we have a huge dept. Only thing funnier then this to me are any tests that report that something with below 75% rate means its fact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xelk View Post
    I think you'll find sitting for one hour knocks one hour off of your remaining lifetime.
    You have just won the internet.

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