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    Remembering our fallen hero's

    the world of warcraft is a vast and wonderful thing it has alot of content and even more lore and from time to time we have say farewell to loved heros who fall in battle or are killed in the shadows by cowards ever since the pre-patch for cataclysm we have lost hero's who have played big roles throughout wow's history and they will be sorely missed this post is in dedication to those heros who have fallen ( not including heros who fell in battle and have been in some way brought back to continue the fight).

    firstly as the cataclysm came in our sights events took place in the horde that shook it to its foundations and even im shaw the tauren have not forgotten in a battle seeded with treachery cairne bloodhoof ( former tauren cheiftan) fell in a duel against garrosh and to be fare regardless of garrosh's now shaping lore and story at the time he honestly thought it was a honorable duel and had not realised magetha grimtotem had poisoned gorehowl which lead to the death of cairne later revenge was taken for this act of treachery but nontheless i am certain many will always love cairne and never forget him.

    next when mist of pandaria was approaching garrosh hellscream shocked azeroth with his brutal and un-merciful assualt on theramore which lead to the death of one of azeroths greatest heros Rhonin he has been apart of much lore in novels and in game and to save jaina,vareesa and some citizens/soldiers of theramore he sacrificed himself and teleported them to safety ( for full story on his death read the tides of war novel) i have always loved his story and character and will miss him being apart of wow but i take heart in the fact his death was not in vein and has lead to the sunreavers and the horde being expelled from dalaran ( will love when the in game world catches up with this haha horde go get your own magic city) farewell rhonin we wont forget you.

    next during cataclysm we learnt some valuable lessons some include the ultimate betrayal of fandral staghelm among others but just as it seemed the cataclysm was drawing to end an and we may have defeated the twilight hammer cultist along with their old god counterparts and deathwing. He surprised us with unleashing spawns of the old gods, twlight hammer cultist the remaining broods of the black and twilight (excluding those in outland and wrathion) himself and ofc his greatest creation ultraxxion upon wyrmrest temple but while the battle ensued and the aspects were busy the twilight's hammer assualted the dragonflights sanctums and began corrupting the flights eggs krasus (aka korielstrasz ) descovered this and while attempting to stop them became infected and so to destroy the corrupted eggs and stop the twilight hammer from succeding he unleashed what power he had left destroying the sanctums and all within them at first he was believed to be a triator but thanks to a vision thrall had later he was exonareated and his sacrifice was recognised later he was hailed as a hero and shall not be forgotten.

    i am sure these 3 are only a few of our great and fallen heros and they all deserve recognition if you know more feel free to pay your love and respect to these heros or even add them and i will update where i can with new heros.

    All hero's great and small must be remember if not for their sacrifice the world we know would not exist we owe them everything and rightly so shall never forget them
    Soon i shall awaken, soon i will be unleashed, soon our prophet will do what he know's he must and let me loose upon those who would dare call themselves my people's enemy's................my rise will bring fear to the heart of many the vengence of the draenei is coming those from draenor and beyond have not forgotten and we will show no mercy DEATH TO THE HORDE!!!!

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    He did what we all want to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verdugo View Post

    He did what we all want to do.
    did he do sylvanas?
    Warlorcs of Draenorc made me quit. You can't have my stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by checking facts View Post
    did he do sylvanas?
    Jesus, thats disgusting. That thing is dead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verdugo View Post
    Jesus, thats disgusting. That thing is dead.
    so am I
    Warlorcs of Draenorc made me quit. You can't have my stuff.

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    Kael'thas you idiot you already had a vial with water of the original well of eternity, all you had to do was go home make a new sunwell and rebuild, but no you were like I needz moar awesome power. Fool may you find peace.
    He who sees his own doom can better avoid its path. He who sees the doom of others can deliver it.

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    Lady katrina Prestor use to love how she would kill lowbies entering storm wind keep during the onyxia event ((

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    Uther the Lightbringer and Anduin Lothar

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    Naisha,Terenas Menethil

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    RIP Prince Kael'thas. I'm convinced his evil twin brother took over the role sometime between TFT and TBC.

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    Garrosh Hellscream, u mad fool you, may you find peace in Vol'Jin's hell.

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    The English Language. My personal hero since childbirth. Murdered in recent times by laziness, ignorance, and apathy.

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    RIP Pained, the only Night Elf written in the original spirit with which the race was introduced, since WoW franchise began.

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