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    Looking for a morning/early afternoon raiding guild

    Hello. I've been playing swtor since release. I've come and gone several times because I can't find a guild that is active when I am. I work nights and am a full time college student. So i'm trying to find an active group anywhere from 7am CST to 4pm CST Mon-Fri. With this general post I really don't have a preference for server or faction.

    As far as my raid experience. Honestly it is very limited in swtor, but I was a long time wow player, I did clear all normal raids in wow's cataclysm expansion and several raids in previous expansions, so I know how to raid in an mmo. I am very laid back person just looking to enjoy the game.

    If you think I might fit with your team please leave me a way to contact you. Thanks, and i'm hoping to find a home soon!

    p.s I feel like I just filled out a entry on a dating website...

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    asia pasific servers raid at that time frame. there are also some pugs going early too.

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    We do have a thread dedicated to finding a guild, however, I haven't really updated that thread in a while and it seems a lot of those guilds either disbanded or just aren't active in the way they used to be. That being said, I will let this thread slide- for now!

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    Sorry I did look at the guild recruitment thread but it seems to be pretty outdated. I also did not find anything in it that would match my needs. I was hoping someone might browse through here and see my post.

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