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    Guardian Trinkets

    Quick question.

    I am going the Hit/Exp > Crit route and have a few possible trinkets to choose from. Any advice on the best route would be very appreciated.

    Relic of Niuzao (2/2)
    Bottle of Infinite Stars (LFR 0/2)
    Jade Bandit Figurine (0/2)
    Terror in the Mists (LFR 0/2)


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    Depending on the current stat values that you might get in your current gear, I can postulate that Relic of Niuzao seems a very very good choice as primary trinket ( specially if you use the proc with SD (to counter high damage moves) or without SD to get less spiky damage overall (although I don't really like to use a dodge procc outside a SD as dodge tends to be better the more you have so...)

    Apart from that, the second trinket:

    Jade Bandit Figurine has the best Ilvl of the trinkets, yet agility is not that good for bears in terms of mitigation... and the haste on use.. although it will boost your RPS for a bit, it tends to be very very bad in terms of stats imo (even with tooth and claw skill now) But If you are focusing on OT/damage then its a very very fine trinket (It seems you are focusing on damage, since U want the hit/exp caps and then crit... that is a signature bear that either OT, MT with AMAZING Healers in 10man or just burst dps (keep in mind, when OT, no vengeance means that even hit/exp and crit will reward very little damage... maybe comparable to just go catform and dish out a gimped DPS)

    the other two trinkets look better mitigation-wise

    Terror in the Mists look great with that crit proc that, when used with berserk or Son of Ursoc can make some nice mitigation from either SD or FR, the static agility... meh same as above.

    Bottle of Infinite Stars IMO, for mitigation goes very very well with Relic of Niuzao, because afterall mastery is a form of direct mitigation... the agility procs... same as above.. try to group up that with a Berserk or a SoU for a max output of of it... but no mitigation will come from that... keep that in mind...

    Yet... that is just my opinion, feel free to refutate...

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    Terror in the Mists is an insane trinket for bears. I'm sitting at 47.7% crit with an Agi flask currently. Which is around 12.7k crit rating. An extra 6k crit is intense and it scales wonderfully with HoTW. I often have it procced on the pull and am spamming wrath crits of 400k+

    Should deffo take that one. I also use the HC Dungeon trink with 900 passive crit. But yet to have something that has the same amount of crit.

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    Yup I just got Terror, it works wonders, when I first get into combat, dancing steel + synapse + bottle of infinite stars + terror proc, I have ~80% crit. It is insane.

    The two trinkets I will be using for most farm and even progression unless I need the mitigation, are going to be bottle of inifinite stars and terror.

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    All the good points regarding the trinket were covered above, 1 thing i might add is the trinket from the new faction, they are also very good RPS trinkets

    Also, stay away from upgrading trinkets, weapons, necks and ring as a bear. You really want to focus on gear that has armor as priority. Doing that will give you more stats but also more armor which is pretty king as a bear.

    hope this helped.

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    Upgrading pieces of gear will upgrade armor, and therefore recurring into DR in armor, upgrading pieces with mastery will not create that DR... depends on the amount of armor you're having (I lack correct values)...Upgrading weapons yeah.. that is a no no... yet upgrading trinkets with dodge on use or mastery on it I think its good for a bear as both provide nice mitigation/avoidance without that pesky DR (at least that much)(yeah all dodge gets DR i know :X).

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    Pure mitigation, I'd say Relic + Bottle

    For a mix mitigation and dps: Relic + Terror

    For pure damage: Bottle + Terror

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    if you have terror, go terror
    i take the 1 stam + 1 dps trinket
    so either go relic + terror
    or the MSV trash drop + terror

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    For pure rage gen you go for Terror and Bottle, reforging mastery for crit/hit/exp on Bottle. Relic is fine for a stam trinket but the dodge is minimal. If you're looking for a stam trink I'd recommend Lao-Chin's Liquid Courage. The mastery might not be quite as much DR as the dodge from Niuzao but since both those stats suck anyway it shouldn't really matter if you're after the stamina.

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