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    [Help] Any experienced arcane mage out there?

    Yo, I just recently started playing arcane and I quite enjoy it and it seem's pretty good overall, ofcourse you have to think abit about you're movement with rune etc.

    Anyways I logged some LFR and i'm just wondering if anyone can take a quick look at it and see if i'm doing everything right I've gone for mastery as of now and I feel it might be a bit better then haste but thats my personal opinion. My gear is still heavly fire oriented with crit on pretty much every piece. Ilvl 488.


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    Couldn't go too in depth, since I'm on my phone at work, but I noticed your bomb uptime is a little low.also, I don't know how much you have read into arcane but one of the current theories for optimal dps is to scorch weave and camp at 6 charges for the entirety of the fight, only using barrage at the end of alter time, you may want to test out this rotation

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    I think I was trying to 6 charge camp but might've dropped them once or so, unsure about fight aswell. If it was elegon might've been just me trying to finnish the orb or something aswell. And yea when I'm trying to burst/use cds I wait till i get 2 AM procs then pop arcane power and alter time -> use the proccs and use barrage then lapse back.

    And Yea i'll work on my bomb uptime I guess.

    Btw I usually try to not go below 80 % mana, should I try stay above 90 % all time or is 80 % or higher fine? I I dont have any ways of getting mana back and i'm down to 80 % or so I usually put in a scorch or two and hope for a procc whilst regenening

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    I usually try to stay above 90% which is relatively easy, when I'm being unlucky with AM procs I'm usually fine with alternating scorch/AB since I regen enough mana while refreshing NT and while casting missiles. Also your alter time rotation is correct so as far as you practice on that a lot and get a gear suitable for arcane your dps should be going up .

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