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    [email protected] Recruitment Open!

    Hey all.

    Causality is newly formed casual 10 man raid guild on Khadgar realm with ex players coming out of retirement to come and join the raiding scene once again. We are bunch of people who have been from a high end raiding background and want have fun while raiding but still take it serious to get the job done. Our core players originate from Draenor & Shattered Hand and have cleared all up to Will Of The Emperor Heroic, and we are searching new faces to start raiding again and getting ready for Tier 14 Progression.

    At the moment we are looking for:

    1x Warlock
    1x Mage
    1x Paladin (spec either retri or holy)
    1x Druid (all specs ok, we are flexible)
    1x Priest (healer, DPS)
    1x Warrior (Protection)
    1x Monk (Brewmaster)

    All other classes not listed are very welcome to apply, if this is what you search, 10 man raiding in a serious but fun atmosphere.

    We expect you to know your class, come buffed and ready. You don't have to have the top gear, that can always be arranged, but the attitude to raid is a must.

    If this got your interest in any way, feel free to contact Zier in game or check out our website at causality.guildlaunch. com to apply, we Look forward to hearing from you.


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    Bump Still Looking

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    Bump Still Looking For Mage and other DPS Class's

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