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    [A] Veteran (Eu-Haomarush) recruiting for 25 man!

    Lately the guild of Veteran on the Server Haomarush has been growing rapidly.
    It has grown so much that we are having alot of people sitting out and being replaced during raids so everyone gets the chance to bring glory to the guild.
    Lately we talked about actually trying to go 25 man, and the feedback has been positive, only problem is that the server isn't in it's best state so recruiting can be a little hard.

    So if you would like to raid 25 man in a friendly enviroment but yet with progress in mind.
    Veteran might be the guild for you.
    We are still working on Normal 4/12, and aiming to eventually go some heroics.

    We are looking to fill out with mostly Melee damage dealers. some ranged and 1-2 healers!
    If you would be intrested, contact me on Ninja4#2324
    Or write here, i'll try to check regulary.

    Veteran wants YOU!

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    Still looking for more players.

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