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    Dark Aftermath Recruiting


    Dark Aftermath is an Alliance late night Raiding Guild on the US-Kilrogg server, made up of mature players looking to recruit more people for various roles in our Guild.

    We are a Progression Raiding Guild focused on maximizing progression and bringing our best possible performance to complete end game raid content.

    We are looking for active, casual guild members to fill in as needed on our 10 man raid team(s), as well as run dungeons, level, PVP and do achievement runs together as a Guild.

    For our Raid Team, we always promote from within when slots open up, and typically look at our Casual members who are serious enough about raiding to study their class / spec, gear up by running dungeons and acquiring Valor Gear, and sign-up to fill in when we are short for raids.

    We are currently 5/6 MSV and looking to complete all Raid content in MOP on regular mode, and complete as many Heroic Modes as we can.

    Raid Days / Times are: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 9:00PM - 12AM PST.

    We use EPGP for loot distribution during our raids.

    We welcome members of all play styles into our guild, and when not raiding, we are always on running Dungeons, PVPing, working on achievements and helping other Guild Members.

    If you are interested in joining, please fill out an application on our web-site or contact Crackalaka or Ibublyoudead in-game.
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