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    (PVP) Hunter MM stats

    Hello Hunters! I just leveled one myself to 90 and I intend to play MM pvp!

    Im clueless when it comes to hunter stats and when I check high players armory Im not sure if they are reforged/geared for BM/MM.

    Im simply asking what stats out of haste, crit & mastery that I should go for. Also do I need expertise cap?


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    I haven't even played this expansion but I can answer your question for you:

    1) Agility
    2) Crit
    3) Doesn't fucking matter, reforge that shit to crit

    Haste is shit for PvP because you need tons of it to get even the smallest decrease in cast time. Mastery is shit because, well, what would you rather have: a 2% chance at a wild quiver that hits for the same as your auto attacks or a 1% chance to make all your attacks (including aimed/chimera) crit? If you have to choose between mastery and haste, take mastery, but don't obsess over it. A couple percent of haste vs. a couple percent of mastery will not matter enough to swing any matches your way.

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    3% hit & expertise before all.

    then agi > crit, rest doesnt matter, if i cant crit im reforging to haste to reduce powershot cast

    i like to start the arena with serpent's haste buff + wolf's crit buff
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