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    Better weapon for balance druid pvp?

    wowhead . com/ item =86227 With 2/2 upgrade and the 500 int gem

    wowhead . com/ item =84961 with 0/2 upgrade

    Which will be doing more damage?

    Can't post any links yet.

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    Haven't checked the 'links' but I can guess you're comparing a PVE (with sha crystal) to a PVP Weapon?

    The PVP power on PVP weapons (any of them) is a 9% increase to player damage. Even the best PVE weapon does not provide 9% more spell power / 18% secondary stats to your overall gear set.

    PVP Weapons are by far the best for PVP, for badly geared PVE'ers they are better than some blues, and possibly LFR weapons (depending on versions, and upgrades etc).

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