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    [A] Solis Rise 10man -Darksorrow-EU. Recruiting a Dps and a Healer.

    We are recruiting a healer to finish off normal modes and move into HC's quickly:


    *Viable Offspec is valued.

    Solis rise was formed back in vanilla. We have a long standing member base and raiding history. Our main goal is to have fun with eachother while still progressing alongside the rest of the server, in a somewhat casual manner.

    We do expect our members to get the best out of themselves and come fully prepaired to our raids.
    When you apply gear will matter, but the ability to think quickly and react well in unexpected situations is much more likely to allow you to pass your trial.

    We raid on 4 days:

    Wednesday 19:45-23:00
    Thursday 19:45-23:00
    Sunday 19:45-23:00
    Monday 19:45-23:00

    Current progress in ToT:

    8/12 Normal

    What we will expect from you.

    * Have overall 90% attendance.
    * Come ready to raids with flask, pots and knowledge of the fight.
    * Be ready to adapt and play different specs if needed.
    * Be able to listen on vent, and speak if needed.
    * Keep your class up-to-date.
    * Able to learn from mistakes and able to take criticism.

    You can leave an application at Solisrise.guildlaunch.com or whisper an officer ingame.
    Gm : Kbroman
    Officer : Trysich, Moondaddy.
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    Bump for a healer!

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