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    [A] <FAT SPIDER EU> 1/12 ToT hc Recruitment. (Outland)

    <FAT SPIDER EU> is recruiting exceptional players of all classes for 10 man raiding. The guild consists of players who have all been playing WoW for a long time, some since the very beginning. We are all old top guild players who have been forced to take a more casual approach to the game because of studies, work or something similar. Despite this we still enjoy raiding and even though we only plan on raiding three times a week we’d like the progress to be good. This means focusing on quality over quantity, when we raid we forget everything else and focus completely. We’re not going to carry anyone and people not performing at a high enough level will be demoted to a social rank or removed from the guild.

    We raid on Wednesdays, Sundays and Thursdays from 1830 to 2300. We expect a near 100% attendance from every single raider since we only raid three times a week (right now) and want to keep a very tight roster.

    Current progress:

    Throne of Thunder heroic
    Jin'rokh the Breaker 21/03/13

    Throne of Thunder
    Jin'rokh the Breaker 06/03/13
    Horridon 06/03/13
    Council of Elders 07/03/13
    Tortos 07/03/13
    Megaera 11/03/13
    Ji-kun 11/03/13
    Durumu the Forgotten 11/03/13
    Primordius 12/03/13
    Dark Animus 14/03/13
    Iron Qon 17/03/13
    Twin Consorts 17/03/13
    Lei Shen 18/03/13

    MSV 10 hc
    Stone Guards 29/11/12
    Feng the Accursed 29/11/12 - Video
    Gara'jal the Spiritbinder 29/11/12
    Spirit Kings 31/01/13 - Video
    Elegon 6/12/12 - Video

    HoF 10 hc

    Blade Lord Ta'yak 06/02/13
    Garalon 26/02/13
    Wind Lord Mel'jarak 06/02/13

    Challenge Conquerors: Gold - Guild Edition 19/01/13
    Scarlet Monastery Video
    Mogu'shan Palace Video

    Guild Pandaria Dungeon Hero 28/09/12

    We are also clearly better than the mighty Paragon, they used 2 pulls to kill spirit kings on normal mode, and we killed it on the first pull ever!

    What we require from you:

    -Skill, you have to know your class inside out. We’re not going to teach anyone how to do their job. We do not want anyone to repeat the same mistakes all over again and expect everyone to learn quickly.
    -You have to be fluent in both written and spoken English, to the extent that you can understand us and we can understand you without larger complications.
    -2 professions leveled to the max as soon as possible. We’d prefer if your main didn’t have any gathering professions.
    -You have to gem and enchant your gear with the best possible enchants before the next raid. This means you can’t be poor as hell, getting gold in WoW is ridiculously easy anyway.
    -Experience from previous high end content. Exceptions can be made on very rare occasions.
    -Ilvl 490+ with the best possible enchants & gems.
    -At least 16/16 normals cleared. Previous raid experience can compensate for lower current progress.
    -18 years of age and a certain level of maturity. We can’t be arsed to listen to idiotic people talking about stupid crap all day, not that we don’t do it but you get the point.
    -A tolerance for our sick, twisted, politically inappropriate humor.
    -A tolerance for constructive criticism, we don’t want little princesses whose feelings get hurt and who threaten to leave the guild as soon as someone tells them how to improve their game.
    -A working microphone and Mumble installed.
    -High attendance and a wish to PROGRESS. If you miss raids often you're at high risk of losing your raid spot.
    -Loyalty, if you plan on leaving a couple of weeks after you joined then we wish to tell you to go jump off the nearest bridge. Ensuring that our trials are in for the right reasons they won’t get any loot for 2 weeks unless nobody at the rank of member or higher needs it.

    What we offer you:

    -Experienced guild leadership and highly skilled guildmates.
    -A relaxed environment for playing, as we only raid thrice a week there is a lot of time for other random stuff. (Nerdpoint farming (achievements), pvp, challenge modes alt raids etc.)
    -An active 100 slot Mumble server.
    -Hopefully some quick progression and shiny epics. Lootwhoring is not tolerated though and we will most likely be using some sort of an activity based system.
    -A real letter of recommendation from the ancient Greek God Zeus stating that we are the best guild in the universe. (This is a bad attempt at humor, take it seriously and you’ll be put to sleep at dawn.)
    -We are also planning on running a weekly alt run, and if we can't find enough people from the guild we will pug the rest. (We have previously ran succesful HC pugs.)

    Currently looking for the following:
    -Protection Paladin

    We want people who can seriously keep their attendance near 100%. We also use WoL to keep the members competitive, the best ones will receive the raidspots.

    Even if your class isn't listed we're always interested in amazing players so if you think you have what it takes to join the best guild in the universe, we'd like to hear from you.

    Guild Master:
    Co-GM: Galm
    Website (this is where you apply):
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    Bloodsail Admiral Galm's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    Currently looking for the following:
    -Disc Priest
    -Holy Pala
    -Any other healer that feels like they've got what it takes

    P.S. Here's our Elegon hc video.

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