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    Farming Medium Leather..

    Anyone know any good spots? I've tried the few listed at wow-professions.com but I'm getting more heavy leather then I am medium leather despite what he/she wrote on wow-professions.com .. Also is LW really worth the effort or should I drop it and go Enchanting/Engineering on my WW Monk?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schweddy View Post
    This is the best spot imo. I tried the other locations offered by wow-professions but the whelps in stonetalon mountiains are the best. Can usually find a groups of 3 and up to 5. I liked being able to kill a group, loot once, then skin.

    As far as LW go, I dropped JC and picked up LW. It's a good prof, I like the cheap wrist and leg armors that we get and you can make some money selling leg armors on the AH.

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