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    Issues concerning Haste<SP?

    So I have been checking up on SimCraft, and after going by what I have seen off Icy-Veins and here on MMO Champ, I have completely reforged my character for Mastery>Haste>Crit. However, the issue I am running into is that I did a sim this morning, and the result has Haste at 3.37, while SP is below at 3.29. Is haste really warranted to weigh so high? Could a lock expert give me some assistance? Should I be setting up options better before simulating?

    Seeing as I don't have enough posts, here:
    Illidan - Binaris, Orc Warlock

    Any helpful feedback would be helpful. Thanks!

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    Sorry if I missed it (read it twice), but what spec are you playing? I don't have advice but my main is a warlock so I'll be following this thread.

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    I am currently raiding as Affliction, and am looking at Demonology for Heroics.

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    Haste are related to additional ticks. This means that there are haste plataus. Meaning right befor a platau (= 1 more tick on dots) the value of haste is alot. Meanwhile right after a platau additional haste dose not effect your performance so much, hence why it at that point is valued low.
    For more details on how much haste each platau is, please refer to some guide.

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    Fire up Simcraft and perform a reforge plot for mastery and haste. Currently your stats suggest that you will gain DPS by reforging up to 1,000 mastery rating into haste.
    Back when dot snapshotting was a thing, I wrote this piece of junk.

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