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    I'm pretty sure that in the EU it's not possible to own rights to access a game but not own the game itself. So chances are if you're from the EU you actually own the game itself.

    I definitely read something like this a while ago concerning games.
    no... thats not how it works... the law they passed makes it so you can sell your old CD KEYS not your account or any of the characters because those are owned by blizzard.

    what you can resell is the cd keys and thats it so say you quit wow you can call blizzard have them close your account and reset the keys and you can sell them letting someone make a brand new wow account with those keys
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kharli View Post don't own the game, thats the thing, you own the RIGHT to play the game and use it's services..
    You don't even own that. You opt in via your subscription, Blizzard determines whether or not you are allowed to play the game based on your conduct within their domain.

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    Says my account is worth $ 3,414.62. Makes me wonder that if someone was to offer that price, would i sell it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aveyai View Post
    Search your characters on to get a value. Note that selling your account is against the ToS and the buyer will likely not have the account for long before the account is permanently banned.
    Lol maldy pricing is so far off you have no idea. If you want the real price of your account look for accounts similar to yours on account re-seller sites. I can tell you just from looking up comparable accounts online right now yours isn't worth $2,000; maybe 800. Either way I don't think you should ever look into this account selling. It's against the ToS and there is a high likely-hood that you would get scammed. From selling currency in City of Heroes I can say that intangible goods transactions are not covered by PayPal which is the most common way to sell anything online.
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    Maldy's is a piece of shit that just randomizes numbers. Don't know why people take it seriously, you can make a level one character and that site will tell you it's worth 500 dollars.

    People aren't really buying accounts...they used to, but never for all that much money unless you had something really really awesome...for example some schmuck paid 10,000 dollars for a rogue with both glaives from a guy in Method I think it was and got the toon perma-banned in no time at all at that. And as far as I know, no other account has ever sold for anywhere near that much. Which is just as well, IMO, they aren't really meant to be and it's quite risky for both buyer and seller IMO, easy to get scammed, banned, whatever.

    Unless you have a bunch of rare/unobtainable items, chances are your character really isn't 'worth' anything, because there is no market for it as far as I know. Perhaps if you had a combination of great items and the best gear you could possible have and the right buyer, you could make a deal. Otherwise, I don't think anyone cares, it's easier to hit max level now than it was in TBC even with the 20 increased levels because of a lot of big changes to the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PBitt View Post
    People aren't really buying accounts...they used to, but never for all that much money unless you had something really really awesome...
    Exactly. I was offered $8,000 for my rogue in BC after I finished my warglaives (In the first 50 rogues in the US). I think at best I could get 8,000 for my account now and I am tied for the most Feats of Strength in the USA with every rare item you could hope for (atiesh, corrupted ashbringer, scarab lord, etc.)

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