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    Going to try swtor again, need some heads up!

    So a year later on, as I promised myself I will try this greatly designed game again. My only issue is that from the looks of it my server is gone :/.

    If I enjoyed swtor but only stopped for a year until they fixed stuff such as lagging on top of the age pc's, is it worth trying it again now?

    Also, which servers are alive? and is it actually possible to join pve content guilds!

    And even better, if someone on here has a good guild I can join as a social with active members! please so, and you can see me through my adventures :>.

    Just looking for some positive feedback on how the game has aged in its first year.

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    While I have no way to judge how the game is now (I was similair to you, and may re sub if i get bored of wow), I would definitely milk them for what you can. They really want people to come back, so you can probably easily get your old characters back, along with some perks. Also, I have heard that a good amount of the problems have been fixed, and while the game isnt at WoW levels, it is much better then the joke content we had at release.
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    Idd, I was very hyped about its release. while they provided a very nice leveling process... endgame just had nothing to offer :<.

    Just looking to see if there's any good people still playing it, and if so where :P

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    Prophecy of the Five currently houses the top 16man PvE guilds (Sith).

    Content has definitely became A LOT harder. Here is our compilation of wipes on Nightmare Firebrand and Stormcaller: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2D5Z5EOclU

    We were #1 for 16man TFB (last content) so we aren't bad. All of us come from top world WoW guilds to play some SWTOR! We still play WoW though

    Anyways, they have definitely made content harder this time around for 16man. Its many times more difficult than previous content that you may have experienced. We did the 2 hour runs for both Nightmare EC and KP which were complete jokes. With this content we actually have to try in order to get content. This new content has been out for weeks now, and there are only 5 16man guilds that have got past this boss (if that puts it into perspective for you).

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    I've just played it for a bit, and I'm instantly hooked again rofl!

    Which servers are a good bet now.. and why can't I search for people?

    someone explain how subscription and cardel points work please =]! and a heads up on how to do this

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