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    [Balance] Leveling - rotation in MoP?

    I'm leveling a druid in MoP, currently level 87. I'm a healer, but I'm leveling as Balance, mostly questing but also healing in instances.

    My question is this: what rotation should I do for quest mobs? I usually open with a Wrath / Starfire depending on eclipses and I throw in a Starsurge on CD, continuing with Wrath / Starfire until the mob dies. And that feels *really* slow. I leveled a Enhance shaman, an Arms warrior and a mage (mostly Arcane) and they were all much faster at killing mobs. The gear on my druid is decent, mostly dungeon gear and lvl 87 greens, as it was on my other characters so gear can't be an issue.

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    What I did past-lvl 82 was multi-dot the living heck out of as many mobs as I could and use Starsurge on proc. If all mobs are multi-dotted feel free to cast Starsurge.

    Keep in mind that, whichever eclipse you're in Starsurge should ALWAYS be used first (even when no eclipse is active).

    So yeah... several mobs = multi-dot + starsurge on proc + perhaps hurricane. One/two mobs = multi-dot and proceed single target rotation.

    But tbh it's a lot quicker to lvl as feral. I'm lvling as feral (got the archaeology ilvl 463 polearm(upgraded to 471)) and I'm killing mobs really quickly.

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