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  • Classic World of Warcraft

    102 7.40%
  • The Burning Crusade

    441 31.98%
  • Wrath of the Lich King

    522 37.85%
  • Cataclysm

    32 2.32%
  • Mists of Pandaria

    282 20.45%
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    When is this thread going to stop being made?

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    Since I started during TBC, naturally I have a nostalgia hard-on for that xpac. My favorite period however spans TBC and WotLK up until Ulduar. As another poster pointed out, post-Ulduar there were too many QoL improvements which all but eliminated the organic adventurous and treacherous spirit of the game. I think it would've been best for Blizzard to make the game they wanted to make instead of pandering to specific demographics and having knee-jerk reactions to subscription numbers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Molyneux View Post
    When is this thread going to stop being made?
    When you stop telling lies to the gamers and make a good Fable game.


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    To my wotlk, an epic story, the novel modified map system based missions, intense raid dungeons, and as final enemy, Arthas

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    I Really enjoyed wrath, Made a ton of ingame friends I think 10 ad 25 man lock outs helped a lot with that because I got to do a guild run and also pug and meet new people

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    I'm amused that WotlK has gained such a great Reputation over the Years. I remember reading the Forums filled with WotlK-hate back then. Still, i voted for WotlK, because for me it was a great Time. Yeah, i like it nice and easy. Don't want to get a headache from playing with People and i never liked the Style of BC. MoP is just too fresh for me, but as far as i can tell, i really really enjoy it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buu View Post
    BIG surprise... Cataclysm is loathed. Yes, although 1-60 was amazing, I could never forget the crappy math of Heroics, the free pass to game the system, forcing strangers to carry your undergeared character, and the raids that punished the least error in an unavoidable domino effect.
    All characters were undergeared in the beginning of the expansion. And we did clear dungeons and no one carried us. If you are carried, it means that you are just bad player.

    Both cata and mop were very close in means of difficulty. Some of the bosses were harder in cata, some bosses are harder in mop. 10 man Heroic difficulty was slightly overtuned before nerfs, but I guess you did not care about it much at that time.

    I guess you started in late wotlk/early cata. You was total noob with no experience and everything was hard for you.
    3 years passed, and you finally learned on your mistakes how to not stand in fire. And now you feel that the game became easier.
    But in reality nothing changed. The game difficulty stays on the same level and even slightly increases.

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    I didn't play much vanilla so don't have much insight into it. I only started playing about a month or 2 before TBC came out. I loved TBC though. So for me it would have to be...

    MOP (So far)

    My ratings are probably a bit off because I take into consideration not just the content, but how much I enjoyed it meaning the social aspect of the game that I had with my friends influenced my ratings.

    I find all the comments I am seeing about wrath being amazing so funny. Oh how the tables have turned. I remember when Wrath was despised and loathed by just about everyone due to the "wrath babies" that it brought to the game who wanted everything handed to them and didn't know mechanics or care to learn them because everything was just handed to them. Now it is a contender for the top xpac? Some funny stuff there!

    Don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoyed Wrath because I had a great time with friends during that xpac, I just think it is funny how the overall consensus of Wrath has apparently done a complete 180.

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    I am very surprised so many people voted WotLK over TBC. Especially considering the whining that went on over how awful raiding and easy epics were on that expansion... TBC really balanced that out pretty well making it less grindy than classic but also making raids mean something and heroic dungeons were actually hard! The only thing I hated about TBC were the zones, as well as Illidan being killable.

    Then again WotLK did have some great lore and great looking zones as well as some of the best music WoW have produced. But on the side of raids it wasn't that great, they murdered the original Naxx, The Icecrown raid was boring as hell, and dont get me started on the Argent Tournament raid. Uldaur was and probably is one of my fave raids of all time though so credit to them on that at least.

    Nice to see MoP get some votes, for the same reason I liked WotLK, MoP really has got me back into WoW again even if its only casually this time. The story in MoP is really engaging, also some great looking zones.... and oh my god that inn music is awesome

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    SHOCKED that people voted WoTLK over BC, but maybe there was a wave of new people that started then that don't know any better?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geekissexy View Post
    SHOCKED that people voted WoTLK over BC, but maybe there was a wave of new people that started then that don't know any better?
    Because WotLK was way better than BC. What's more ridiculous is why people voted Vanilla over Cataclysm, since clearly Cataclysm was lightyears better than Vanilla.
    Everything was crap in Vanilla, leveling chars required 25-30 times more grinding than Mists daily quests to exalted with all factions. Vanilla raids were absolutely horrible.
    Way-of-life features didn't exist at all. Heroism/Time Warp didn't exist either. FLYING DIDN'T EXIST. And ground mounts costing 6 months worth of grinding gold for only 60% speed mounts at lvl 40. Vanilla was an absolute crap era, no doubt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geekissexy View Post
    SHOCKED that people voted WoTLK over BC, but maybe there was a wave of new people that started then that don't know any better?
    Or because people preferred Wrath over TBC and actually have different opinions to you. "Don't know any better" rofl, pathetic.

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    I would still vote for MoP, especially when 5.2 looks so damn good.

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    I've been playing nonstop since the game came out and I voted for WOTLK.

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    WotLK of course.

    Had a healing style I preferred and also had healing roles (e.g., tank healing sub-classes and raid healing sub-classes). I like tank healing not spamming AoEs, let alone fast single target heals that kept me always busy. Felt powerful, in need and my heals topped the charts by healing one target at a time. What a rush!

    Now it's more of a snorefest only broken by tanks who want to pull more than they can handle. PvP becomes more interesting because it's still high burst damage healing, but endless BGs (or even arenas) get old faster than dungeons and raids (which I all but gave up on, since healing feels so lame...spam those AoEs to beat the meters by brute force). It's not like the fun of healing an AV skirmish line with 40 players for 30+mins...that's the biggest healing rush ever.
    From the #1 Cata review on "Blizzard's greatest misstep was blaming players instead of admitting their mistakes.
    They've convinced half of the population that the other half are unskilled whiners, causing a permanent rift in the community."

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    Quote Originally Posted by TJ View Post
    Or because people preferred Wrath over TBC and actually have different opinions to you. "Don't know any better" rofl, pathetic.
    No it's actually because people don't remember the crap WoTLK was after Cataclysm.

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    I loved BC and the lore that came with it, but I voted for WotLK even though I wasn't too fond of the undead theme. It was the expansion that I raided in the most, the one that made the biggest game changes IMO and I loved every single one of the raids in it, particularly Ulduar.

    I like MoP, but if it compares to WotLK still remains to be seen with time. Anything would be a large improvement over Cataclysm to me.

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    Definitely WotLK, but MoP seems to be catching up to it slowly but surely. Time will tell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geekissexy View Post
    SHOCKED that people voted WoTLK over BC, but maybe there was a wave of new people that started then that don't know any better?
    Actually started in Classic, but I preferred WotLK to BC. The only saving grace of BC was Karazhan. Guild poaching between raiding guilds was horrible, and you'd have guilds stuck on one raid the entirety of an expansion. No thank you.

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    I'm also surprise that wrath is above TBC, i guess, if this poll was made 1-2 years ago, TBC would still be king (as a matter of fact, i have seen quite a few of this kind of poll, pre-mop, TBC always end up ahead)

    For this reason, i agree that, there must be a good part of old school gamer (not all of them obviously, since vanilla - tbc still got vote) that just moved on, that is not only don't play the game anymore but don't come to these forums.

    It's not big secret that they have been huge turnover of player in wow, in fact, from the people i was raiding with back in TBC, maybe only a few remains, the vast majority have quit (me included). i still keep teamspeak contact with old friend, bot not ingame, $15 just to chat is pushing it.

    So yes, since the population of wow has barely changed since TBC (11 millions at the end of TBC, 10 millions at the begining of MOP), i suppose that there are as much new player that came into the game, most possibly durring the wrath period, which explain the poll.

    The problem with wrath, is that it alternate the best and the worse. Naxx 80 was awful, boring and far far too easy. Ulduar was maybe the greatest raid of all wow. ToC possibly the worst raid tier of all Wow. ICC was ok, but i did not like the constant nerfing. Or more exactly, i feel that people that clear it pre nerf should have something special. title or tabard, or mount, anything.

    I agree that the first 6 month of cataclysm were great. Nice leveling, though the zone were too far apart, the dungeaon heroics were fun and challenging, people needed to manage mana and use crowd control spell, really fun. being able to cheat the dungeon finder with item in bags were a big mistake from blizz, which contribute to the general feeling that dungeons were too hard, which there were not.
    Raid were interesting, nice trash pack in BoT, nicest trash pack we have had in a very long time. Interesting mechnics for the boss.

    But the quality degrade after that. No raid in 4.1, just two rehash 5 man content. 7 boss raid in 4.2 and 8 boss in 4.3. It's not so much the number of boss, but the design of the boss, especially in 4.3 Far too repetitive, often enough, DS boss had 2 phase that just repeat until enrage. Deathwing could be one of the most repetitive and boring fight of the game, as bad as raid boss from molten core.

    Can't comment on MoP, never played it.

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