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    10M Gara'hal (HC) - What are we doing wrong?

    My guild recently started tries on Gara'jal HC, and we wiped on 50% because of adds overhelming healers. However, i believe we can fix that. As i see it, our issue seems to be dps. We pop hero at start, and we are still sitting with the boss over 50% when half the time to the enrage has passed. Since we average 487 Ilvl now this shouldn't be a problem.
    (1) Which dps really need to improve, and how?
    (2) General tips and tricks with adds and healing.

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    Thanks inbefore hand !

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    If you're getting overwhelmed by adds, your problem might be... wait for it... not killing the adds fast enough. As long as your shadow priest and warlock are going in when they need to, it should be under control. Chances are, they're doing something wrong when in there or you're just not sending them often enough or something.

    Not keeping up with the enrage timer is a simple matter of DPS, but that's not wiping you. Always fix the problem that's causing the wipes before worrying about enrage timers because you never know just how close you are until you actually get there.

    Oh as a side note, World of Logs doesn't show events that occur in a different phase from you, meaning you don't have what' going on in the spirit world recorded, and when you get sent you don't have what's going on in the real world. It's pretty useless for Gara'Jal sadly

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    because of adds overhelming healers = Kill adds faster problem solved
    the ultimate answer's to all rogue issues :

    -Rogues might still be dealing with the changes to combo points {2014}

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    How effective are warlocks at killing adds?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoridinRavenholdt View Post
    How effective are warlocks at killing adds?
    Very effective, probably the second best/on pair with boomkins.

    A warlock should be able to clear the whole place assuming your other DPS aren't terrible and there are a billion of them in there. My raid grp got 2 affliction warlocks (I am one of them) and the two of us manage to keep the place clean the whole time. We send 1 warlock in on each totem and only ever resort to any other DPS to go in if we can't send in a single warlock.

    You can also send in a warlock without a healer assuming he has the 20% health glyph on soul drain and he knows how to press healthstone. Can easily heal himself to full HP that way.

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    My guild pops lust at the start and ignores the first totem. The we follow a totem rotation of dot class + other dps + healer for one totem and dot dps + healer for the second totem. Rinse and repeat. This should keep adds under control while maintaining dps on the boss. Make sure your healers are using optimal healing abilities (fast, strong spells) to build a high buff stack on the dps.

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    One thing you also need to be aware of is the buff (Spiritual Innervation) your dps/healers get when exiting the spirit realm. Leaving before 19-22 stacks (or 21 max? can't remember) is kinda bad. You Spriest is seemingly fine on the buff, everybody else...not so good. That falls upon the healers. Also, just from one attempt. It would appear the shadowy minions aren't really being killed. Granted it's pretty difficult to tell since logs unless merged will be skewed by going into the spirit realm and such but sort of silly dying to shadow bolts which are pretty easy to nullify by killing the ghosts downstairs.

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    It doesn't matter who you send down...the adds fall over regardless. DoT classes are great, sure, but really...

    If both our healers have voodoo or the debuff, we'll send down a Moonkin and a DPS instead (sometimes two). Even that one can pretty much clean up the place, usually.

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    Kill adds faster.

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    3 dot classes and having trouble with adds? they need to learn how to dot better i think.

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    This is how we do it:

    Hero at start, pre pot, this including healers.
    There will be 3 coloured pillar marked on the arena for the ghost.
    First totem spawn, 3 people enter.
    Tank can see which pillar got the red ghost, so he will assign the other 2 dps on the other 2 pillars.
    If one is a dotter class (SPriest, Lock etc), vs a sustain dps class (anything else really), the sustan dps class get heal right up ASAP with 21 stack of buff (healing in the shadow realm increase your damages), and get out and dps boss.
    The dotter class, will stay in realm to kill add.
    Second totem spawn, 3 people enter.
    Ghost add treated the same.
    This time this group will stay to clear as many add as possible.
    Repeat for 3rd totem, this time 1 dps get heal up fast with max buff and come out to dps boss.

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    My suggestions on the fight: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0ZQdOSoiJc
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    Everyone seems to have a slightly different way of doing this but here's what we do, it's pretty simple;

    *Pop heroism at the start, delay the first totem by about 15 seconds, send in a dotter (we send in a spriest + healer), the guy will clear the place and help the tank with his adds.
    *Rinse and repeat, also if the guy who goes downstairs can't kill all of the adds we send 2 dps down on the next totem, which usually doesn't happen.

    If your dps is good enough getting the buff from the spirit realm is useless. I'm not entirely how much dps this requires but with 2 healers we beat the enrage timer by around 40 seconds even though we had someone dying during the last ~5% on our previous kill. [ http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-ip...=11513&e=11834 ]

    Remember to save plenty of raid cooldowns for the last phase, also make sure that your holy paladin uses Hand of Protection on the tank, it doesn't remove his aggro and along with the dolls he won't take any damage for the duration of the HoP.

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    Not sure if it was really needed, but RL told us to hence we did it, we were nowhere near enrage though.

    And we 2 shotted it as well, so the encounter wasn't really that hard, however a friend told me that fight had been adjusted hence it is so easy for me, what has changed? (Only downed it this week)

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    basically its all about keeping the realm clean of adds. send ur best dps in at most times to keep it clean. stick to 2 healers and if u hit a point where both healers got debuff, then send 1 dps togetehr with sp/ele/boomking, Healthstone and such should be enough for em to reach full hp. Also, have good tank rotation for shadow strike.

    i cant post videos here btu if u go to youtube and search for FRIENDSWBENEFITSEU then u can find all our videos including multi pov on garajal hc. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grym View Post
    Not sure if it was really needed, but RL told us to hence we did it, we were nowhere near enrage though.

    And we 2 shotted it as well, so the encounter wasn't really that hard, however a friend told me that fight had been adjusted hence it is so easy for me, what has changed? (Only downed it this week)
    It's a fight that just gets way easier with gear. At 485ish gear level the enrage becomes pretty easy and all you have to do is concentrate on good totem phases/good layering of tank CDs. When we were doing it during progression at 465ish ilvl, it was much tougher.

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    My guild doesn't even send in a specific dot class, just whoever volunteers first. The adds will drop regardless of who goes in, just make sure melee save their movement cooldowns etc, very easy.

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    Prepot, Including Healers. Lust at the Pull.

    Boss needs to be down to <80% when Bloodlust fades, or else you will not be able to kill the boss (Not unless you have insane execute classes).

    First of all, your Tank needs to step it up. Tanks should be able to pull 45k+ on this fight. Your Healers need to pull more dps aswell - especially the druid. He needs to HOTW at the pull during the whole lust phase - same goes for your druid tank. Let your DK start the fight, if he doesn't already. When you're tanks come back up after the banishment, they need to taunt the boss. It won't do much, but you will receive 30k vengeance. Helps push that Damage abit.

    You are 3-healing the fight, without a disc priest. It's going to be tough on the enrage, even with 487 Gear. Your Healers need to dps as much as they can.

    Try to always have a dot class in the spirit realm. Start with the warlock. It will sort itself out after that.

    Your Tanks need to always have a cooldown running. Especially the DK. Help him with Resto CD / Melee Bubble if you have to. Druid should be fine on his own, he needs to keep his dodge buff up 100%.

    Everything else is just getting used to it. After seeing 2 Tries you can't really predict how it's going to end. Just give it another 5-6 tries with the tips above and you should be fine.

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