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    Question for my fellow rets

    Just curious to see how many of you are still toughing it out as ret? I've been reading thru all the forums on pally and pvp of course and see very little in regards to 5.1, except a lot of ppl seem to be going holy if anything. I have just recently got into all the 5.1 stuff, and with the nerf to pvp power/healing and now the hotfix nerf to the on use trinks it seems like our burst is suffering and of course the healing. I love my selflish healer talent in regards to using it on a teamate but our self healing just is stupid right now, but I guess it should be. And I'm not to upset to the little hit to our burst with the trink tone down. But does anyone else feel like "gd i'm useless?". A hit to our burst some I'm ok with but I'm dying for some sustain, with a hit to the burst and healing is there a point to tough it out and hope there's a little love? I've been looking a lot at my druid and sham lately as I love all three classes, feral, enh and ret and trying to decide what I truely want to play. I'm not looking for FoTM or one shot macros, but I'm looking at whats fun but also has some viability. I'm still of course hoping for ret, I dont want my one shot like wars have or had, same with hunters, locks and so on. I just feel rets could use some love along with monks and rogues(though I understand they are worse off). Just trying to see what everyone else's opinion is, as I mentioned I see a lot of debat or "QQ" about the more common or "op" classes and not the lower tier ones.

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    It's Blizzard's game so there is nothing we can do.

    I don't like waiting to enjoy my favourite class so we will just have to try to adapt.

    I am betting that in the future we will see some OP PVE trinket, but hopefully rogues will be fixed by then.

    If I wanted to do RBGs as my ret paladin, I wouldn't go holy. I'd reroll. It depends if you enjoy it or not.
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    i would prefer to go ret also. but i wana go places and do things so ill roll holy. im pretty decent at both. probably better at holy though. ret/warrior/healer is viable, so is ret/hunter/healer. atleast those are the only ret comps skill capped has done anything with.
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    I've tried holy and didn't enjoy it, i am a ret at heart, so i stopped playing and unsubbed until we are "fixed"
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    Ret paladins are not weak by any means and are still gladiator-viable. Go watch Vanguards streams.

    If you want the real definition of weak, try WW monk or rogue.

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