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    [A]<< Brutal>> (Doomhammer) 10man, 15/16 Normal. 2days/week. Norwegian core!

    Brutal(10man) was formed after the realease of MoP by a group of players from Norway. Right now our rooster is: warrior and Dk tank, Priest, pala(OS), Shaman healers, boomkin, Spriest, Hunter, mage, Pala(MS) DPS, and is atm lacking one dps too start HC progress. Most of us got experience in hardcore raiding, but as MoP came out we desided too raid 2 times a week, and be more relaxed.

    The important stuff:

    We are looking for:
    -WW monk
    -Feral druid

    Current progress:
    MsV 6/6 normal (starting HC this week).
    HoF: 6/6 normal
    Terrance: 3/4 Normal

    Raid days:
    Wednesday 19-23 (GMT+1)
    Monday 19-23 (GMT+1)

    -Loot is discused in raidgroup, the one who gets the biggest upgrade and the loot is best suited for, gets it! Dont be a lootwhore.
    -Free repairs for raid members.
    -Fun group of players!

    What we expect from you:
    -Come prepared(flasks, pots(!))
    -Know your character!
    -We expect you to be a good raider, as we aim full HC clear once our rooster is filled!
    -Show up 2 almost all raids, exeptions are allowed(holiday each.), but since we only raid two times a week.
    -Do what you can too optimise your rotation, and gear(raidfinder), tho we dont expect you 2 get tokens.

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    How to apply:
    We dont have a webpage yet, so if youd like 2 join, leave a PM here, and we can plan a time 2 have a chat, or /w anyone in brutal ingame, and they may redirect you 2 an officer.
    you can also add me on LoL: Voodoohoodoo, EuW

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