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    Brawler's Guild - Esports?

    What do you think of Brawler's Guild as a esports? Blizzard could add new npcs with new abilities for every contest, and this could become quite interesting. Here's a shoutcasting video about Brawler's Guild I found on YouTube that seems very interesting. What do you guys think?

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    Killing npcs as a Esport nope
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    I'll give you it's a little more interesting with an announcer, but it's not really esport material. Esports are PvP--trying to compare players to each other based on performance against a bot is a little redundant when they could compete directly. Also, most of the calls are "oh he didn't interrupt and died" or "oh he couldn't move in time and died". These being deciding factors is kind of a mockery of the level of skill required to compete in esports. Besides, at the highest level, you'll have nothing but players clearing the hardest fights. Unless they're really tightly tuned, in which case it comes down to nothing more than class balance and gear.

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    No way is this E-Sport.

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    Maybe players could see do it by how fast they kill the npc but besides that it is bad.
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    I just cant see how watching one person could be considered an esport. Now if Blizz could figure out some way to set Arena matches up so we can watch them in game like the Brawler's Guild then we would be talking.

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    if stats didn't evolve into having 400-500k hp and items didn't have 1000+ per stat, and blizzard actually putting effort into boss fights instead of just "here is your heroic mode! hp and dmg increased!" it might of worked

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    The only aspect of WoW that may have potential as a spectator esport is RBGs, but it needs a lot of work in the spectating UI before that.

    Arena is too twitchy to be exciting to watch. PvE is utterly boring to anyone who doesn't know the content being run. BGs have enough general strategy that can be understood and followed in real time, like a sort of fighting game combined with a MOBA.
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    Sounds like an interesting idéa, but not an e-sport.

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    No, this video was just for entertainment. No way can this be an esport.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shink View Post
    if stats didn't evolve into having 400-500k hp and items didn't have 1000+ per stat, and blizzard actually putting effort into boss fights instead of just "here is your heroic mode! hp and dmg increased!" it might of worked

    It's...more then that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by starkey View Post
    Killing npcs as a Esport nope
    This pretty much sums up everything you say on this topic. Challenge modes are not eSports. Heroic Raids are not eSports. At least the other two can be "raced", BG is quite literally whoever has the best class for the encounter wins. I hear some casters have a hard time on Magnatron(?), while others don't. Melee get shafted on some fights, ranged don't.
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