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    <Barcode> US-Black Dragonflight 15/16 NM 2/16 HM LF DPS

    We are currently looking for an experienced and well rounded player with the ability to just jump into our progression and carry their own weight. A good attitude is a must (We don't like drama). We just need that last solid guy that's gonna be stable and on time.

    We provide feasts, flasks, pots and guild repairs.

    Our Progression:
    6/6 MSV (Farm), 2/6 HMSV
    6/6 HoF (Farm)
    4/4 Terrace

    We are a 10-man casual raiding guild, that raids 2 nights a week.

    Wednesday- 7:30-11:30pm Est/Server
    Sunday- 6:00-10:00pm Est/Server

    We are recruiting exceptional DPS:

    If you think this would be a good fit for you feel free to shoot me a pm or reply with your armory and experience.

    Thanks and have a wonderful day,

    Spacepunch-Ele/Resto Shaman-US-Black Dragonflight
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