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    Help with Garalon please!

    Went in on garalon for the first time tonight and I'm just wondering what our issues are with this fight. It seemed like the pheromone kiters kept dying. I tried looking at death report in WOL but it doesn't really make sense to me. http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-jf...ses&boss=63667. We had 1 tank go blood with dps gear and other tank was in full tank gear/spec. Pheromone kiters were 3 healers and the hunter. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    In our alt run we use 5 people - going 20/20/15/15/10.
    Tanks take 20 each, then two dps take 15, then a healer takes the 10, then finally back to the tanks.
    The damage at 20 stacks in normal mode is pitiful and should be easily healable, make sure you pop raid cds on the crushes if you're not all topped up.
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    In our strat we found switching at 15 to be the sweet spot (not excessive number of crushes, and not excessive stacking tick dmg) We used 5 kiters, 2tanks (one tank a warrior in dps gear/def stance), 3ranged dps. Tanks have to be careful not to get close to each other but still be in the swipe, our tanks didn't have an issue with this. The ranged dps then just kited to the best of their ability while dpsing. If you don't have 3 ranged dps then a healer will have to do. As far as dmg goes while kiting it's important to never stand in the pools of acid it makes. You can actually see him shoot at you every 2 seconds or so. This makes it possible for dps to dps a little then take two steps (when they see him shoot) dps some more, take two steps, dps some more, etc. Another very important aspect is having raid cd's and personal cd's (the kiter) lined up for when the stack reaches 10 (so that the duration of the CD lasts through the highest dot dmg and crush.)

    With our healers just focused on healing we easily 2 healed the fight which dramatically cuts down on the time where shit can go wrong. With proper raid CD's and personal CD use (when stacks are 10-15) dmg is significantly reduced.

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    Pheromone kiters were 3 healers and the hunter. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Try having the Tanks, 1 healer, and the hunter doing the kiting, 20 stacks each. Leave the other healers free to concentrate on keeping people alive. Tanks arguably have the easiest time kiting.

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    We first tried doing with 2 tanks and 2 dps and we didn't make the enrage timer. We then tried going 2 tanks, 2 heals and then tanks were out ranging the swipes. On our final few attempts we tried 3 heals and 1 dps and then people were dying all over the place. We always went with switching at 20 stacks. We could try going back to tanks doing the pheromones but any suggestions on why they would be out ranging swipes? Speaking in advanced, they weren't going too fast. They slowly moved as the puddles appeared, it's just we only had 1 leg up if ever, dps did a good job with it I think and garalon was super slow.

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    we use 3 healers and a tank as kiters, or 3 healers and a hunter. switching at 18-20 stacks.

    the kiters don't take any more damage than anyone else really. and if they're a healer, they can just take care of themselves, while the other 2 healers worry about the raid.

    i'm not really good at reading the logs. what seems to be the problem at the time? how high are you stacking pheromones? are you getting any fury stacks? some of the crushes look kinda high.

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