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    Laptop help

    Hey everyone, I have a rig I built that I use to do all of my raiding and PvP. I am looking for a cheap laptop under $400. I know that isnt much, but I just need something to do my dailies, crafting and post auctions. I might do a dungeon here and there. So low- mid settings is fine.Reason behind this is I have my Desktop in my office and when I do my daily MMO crap I rather stay on the couch watching a flick while I knock dailies and farm mats. Any advice would great. Thanks

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    You'll need to at least let us know where you live, or what sites you would like to order from.
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    I live in the United States and where i buy it from i have no preference. A few recommended the dv6 but that is just a little more than i wanted to spend. Also was told to look at the Acer Aspire as5560. Thanks

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