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    Going into ToeS without killing Grand Empress

    We're looking to potentially change it up a little in our raid, and I was wondering if it was possible to enter ToeS without killing the empress? Specifically, can I get someone who can unlock ToeS to start a raid for us, zone in, and then remove them?

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    Yea, you can. Although as soon as you disband the raid, its over

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    Our group couldn't use a lock summon stone to summon someone in who hadn't killed empress. Being that they were the only person we couldn't summon in, and lock portals have not glitched like that since mop hit (unlike previous expansions/patches where that might have been a possibility), we concluded that the reason was that they hadn't killed empress. We had not tried to have the person zone in manually though, and could not verify if that is or is not possible.
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    That's correct. A player who hasn't killed Empress can't be summoned in via 'lock stone. Two people can step outside and use the stone on the pathway, however. Also, the easiest way to keep the raid going is to invite somebody who has killed Empress, make them leader of the group, and have them zone in first. Once everyone is inside, they can pass lead and log out (keep them in the group!). I know an extra person sometimes messes with raidframes, but it's the price you pay for a shortcut.

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    Someone who killed empress zones in first, then rest of the raid joins.
    Our GM invited his friend to unlock TES for us (we were on Garalon) and worked just fine.
    TES itself is really easy, even protectors on Elite. We cleared 4/4 first week we got it available while we're still progressing in HoF (on Un'Sok atm)

    I kind of don't see a point of this requirement when that content is actually easier than HOF. BC attunements at least made sense as they were necessary for step-ups in content tiers (needed quest drops from T5 bosses to access T6 content for example) but this one is artificial wall blocking guilds from free gear, on same tier of difficulty.
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    I thought that the idea of an attunement kind of thing again was awesome, shame that it doesn't really do any good if someone with 6/6 hof can just let anyone in. And about the BC attunements making sense, I have to disagree. Anyone who could kill KT and Vashj could easily clear Hyjal and BT if they didn't completely stop raiding, the only boss that ever caused us any difficulty in BT was RoS for some reason (people back then couldn't interrupt or something I dno) and getting the shadow resistance gear for Sharaz, not the boss itself.

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