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    draenei - nuff said. very nice tank racials


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    lol at all the people saying Dwarves, they are the one alliance race I cannot stand, also I agree with some points in the post, being a Horde isnt automatically cool, I mean you have huts and stone dwellings whereas the Alliance have structured buildings and Architecture, we Alliance are all "Light Bless You" whereas you Horde are all like "Hulk Smash"

    So before you ask whats cool about the Alliance just think about that for a second.

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    We have Malfurion and Tyrande!
    Beautiful cities, Stormwind Epic! Daranassus! Ironforge!
    We have Dwarfs (ok I might be biased seeing as I'm scottish!)
    We get Sabers as a racial mount! (love kitty mounts)
    We have some of the best lore characters, Illidan, Arthas,Malfurion, Tyrande,and many more, plus the whole Onyxia quest chain was simply epic!
    Our Brawlers Guild area is awesome (Horde one is quite the let down)

    The only thing I like about the Horde is their Symbol, Alliance symbol is a bit cheesy, where as the Horde is alot more pleasing to the eye.

    Alliance forever! hehe.

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    I like both factions. Both have their own cool things, but I favour the Alliance just a teeny bit more. The Alliance is more tightly knit than the Horde. Most of the races in it have been allied with eachother for a hell of a long time, and even though the Night Elves are fairly new to the group, they're becoming more intergrated into Alliance society. The same can't really be said for the Draenei though, who were pretty close to leaving Azeroth behind until Velen decided to stay. There's so much lore surrounding the Alliance races! While it can be said that there is a lot of lore for the Horde races too, I think that they haven't had as much of a background story (excluding the Orcs, Forsaken and the Blood Elves, who were once Alliance anyway). Alliance settlements seem more organised than that of the Horde, but seeing as the Horde is meant to be "noble savages", my preference for Alliance cities/towns is completely based on my opinion. And, not forgetting, human racial > all for PvP.

    The Horde on the other hand as cooler races overall. My all time favourites are the Undead, Blood Elves, Trolls and the Night Elves from the Alliance. The Elves because, well, they're freaking elves! The trolls because they're pretty cool and because they seem out of place with the rest of the troll civilizations. The Undead are awesome 'cause of their background (which I guess could count as Horde and Alliance lore + coolness).

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    1) MUCH cooler cities. Stormwind and Ironforge are much, much better than Orgrimmar and the Undercity, for instance.
    2) Some of the most badass races in the game, Dwarves and Worgen. I know Draenei aren't for everyone, but once you get to know them, they're pretty awesome as well. And Night Elves were incredibly badass in Warcraft III, it's a shame they lost much of that in WoW.
    3) We're actually allied with each other, and treat each other with respect. We don't take our fellow allied races to basements to perform experiments on them.
    4) We're fighting to defend our homes, our races. We truly have honor. We're not about invading other people's planets, destroying other people's sacred forests and killing their demigods, throwing plague bombs at other people's cities.

    Basically, being Alliance is about standing to those ideals, to that way of seeing things. It's a damn shame that Blizzard felt so enamored with the story they created for Thrall and the Orcs in Warcraft III that they went out of the way to make players perceive the Horde as ZOMG AWESOME, which had a negative effect on how people saw the Alliance, in turn. But I've been loyal to the Alliance since Warcraft II, and I know the best this faction can be, and it appeals to me far more than the Horde.
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    Architecture and modesty.
    One cannot simply quit wow his way into Mordor.

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    Opinions are like assholes.

    I think the alliance is cool, you think the horde is cool. Why does only one of us have to be right? Cool is SUCH a tremendously objective term after all.
    Let Reason Prevail

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    Varian, not cool enough so he had to get an Orcish name, Lo'gosh

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    And Night Elves were incredibly badass in Warcraft III, it's a shame they lost much of that in WoW.
    They had to. If they were in WoW like in WCIII they'd have raped the whole horde.

    Ashenvale incursion like in Cata?? Unthinkable with the WCIII Nightelfs in mind.

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    Nothing is cool about Alliance. If I could go back in time I would have started on Horde instead of playing Alliance for a year. Literally everything became better when I went Horde.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TobiasX View Post
    Incorrect. Nobody's allowed to be the "good guys" or the "bad guys"
    But I am correct.
    Right now the Horde are all shades of batshit crazy.

    Obviously, all that is left is for us is to that kill that warmongering monkey and have a Fountain built in the center of Orgrimmar, with a solid Lightforged-Gold statue of Varian holding the Ashbringer, at it's zenith.

    The Horde will hide in shame muttering ".. a Garrosh did it"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felfury View Post
    Architecture and modesty.
    I'm sorry what...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baiyn View Post
    I'm sorry what...

    Oh, but the Horde are so much more modest. It's not like they defaced an ancestral land in the shape of their faction symbol or anything. That's far less egocentric than building a statue in the middle of your city, right? =)
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    Hard to go into too much detail, but basically everything about the Alliance is cooler than everything about the Horde.

    The horde has a long sad history of using Burning Legion drugs, the demon soul artifact, terror tactics, a nuclear (mana) bomb, and now attempted use of Mogu black magic. It's never worked out for them and the Alliance always ends up putting them down in the end. And they do it without infusing their forces with the latest evil-mustache-twirling plots and schemes. No one can just claim to be purely good, but the Alliance gives it their best shot. The horde constantly takes the low road and still manages to lose in the process.

    That said, we have:

    Varian (Champion of the Wolf God)
    Malfurion Stormrage
    Halford Wyrmbane and the 7th Legion aka the toughest military force in WoW
    Jaina the now crazy Orc killer that almost wiped out Orgrimmar and killed Thrall at the same time
    Better architecture, weaponry, and armor
    Epic capital cities
    Werewolves with monocles and top hats
    The Draenei (aka probably the only race you could call 'the good guys')
    Our airships are about a thousand times cooler and less likely to explode in a ball of fail

    Not to mention all the coolest/most important neutral characters have been Alliance. Two of the last three expacs have been basically Alliance centric. When the Alliance has a character go evil, they're long disavowed from the Alliance and we go after them. When the Horde has a character go evil, he's your current faction leader.

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    Me. thats what makes it cool.

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    We have gnomes

    Alliance is less cool than Horde. I can openly admit that. We also have the worst of the racials and the less cool races. Jeez....why am I alliance again!? Oh right because they arent evil.

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    Read those and tell me they aren't awesome.

    I prefer the lawful-good feel the Alliance have over pragmatic Horde. Both faction are grey in terms of their morality, however the Alliance has always been the lighter of the two and has also been more consistent at remaining at this level of morality.

    I also feel that the Alliances goals are far more long sighted and global, whereas the Horde's are more short sighted and more or less focus on them as the vast majority of their story is about them trying to become a respectable people after their atrocities (barring Forsaken) and the Alliances goals of which focus more on defending Azeroth and attempting to achieve a sense of peace and well being from evil and understanding of the world.

    Some people see the concept of Elves, Humans and Dwarves as unoriginal and possibly boring whereas I see them more as the quintessential races in the fantasy genre and as a classic and forever awesome combination. I also feels it's far more relatable when playing one these races which to me makes the experience feel more immersive and to an extent real in a way playing a Tauren is not. These races also bring with them a sense civilisation as unlike many of the Horde races they have actual houses, beds and running water.
    I've ever been the sort of person who will play a character exclusively because they are "different" or "darker" (quotation marks used cause everybody has a different opinion on what those constitute).

    The Hero factor. Everybody likes playing the Hero in RPG's and I personally see this as far more relatable and authentic in the Alliance, again this links into the Alliances long terms goals of an evil free Azeroth - characters like Turalyon ooze this in abundance.

    I've mentioned this in another thread that the Alliance's story is more of an individual's tales over themselves or an enemy (Successful or unsuccessful) such as Turalyon learning what it means to be a leader and a Paladin along with his love Alleria whereas an unsuccessful character would include Arthas. Both characters problems in their story are developed from their own individuality and them overcoming or falling to it.
    The Horde on the other hand is developed more as a faction or race. Thrall being the most notable example is a character who's problems come from leading his race and faction to a better existence and a more honourable one, rather than his own personal problems (We only began to not see this when he put his leadership to one side).

    The appearance. I think to most people, even those who play Horde the Alliance races, zones and cities are generally easier on the eyes and more pleasant to look at. Walking around in the desert that is Durotar to the dark metal clad city of Orgrimmar which feels more imposing than welcoming and is then graded by half naked green apes isn't going to do your eyes any favours.
    On a similar note I much prefer the Alliance music. It's far more majestic and enjoyable than drumming of Orgrimmar.
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    I play Alliance for the civilized hygienic feel. It's not so much cool as it is tolerable. You can't really promote things like literacy and bathing as "cool", anyways. Rolling around in dust and feces all day is fine by you then play the Horde, they get all the good story, plot armour, dedication to detail from the cdev team and don't exist merely to provide a story for the other faction. All the potential the Alliance has is sent down the toilet in favour of writing the Horde's story.

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    Deepram Tram.
    Varian Wrynn.
    Grand Marshal's Plate gear.
    An actual Alliance
    Cathedral of Light.
    T9 leather armor.
    Horses - loads and loads of them. We even have one with Horde heads hanging near its butt.
    Worgen starting zone.
    Getting to kill Thrall whenever I felt like. Hope we get that back after MoP.
    The Skyfire.

    And of course Dwarves. FOR THE ALLIANCE AND FOR KHAZ MODAN !

    To be fair, here's what I think is cool about the Horde.
    Vicious War Wolf
    Frostwolf Tabard
    T9 cloth armor
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    if wow was a true roleplaying game I would play a human horde.
    I only stabbed him 7 times in the neck and face in self-defense, guess he will think twice before hitting me in the mouth

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